Clinician Dr Barry Patel
BDS, BSc, LDS, Fellow ICOI, Diplomat IADI
All Day Everyday Dental Kew North East Dental Solutions (N.E.D.S)

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A 51-year-old patient was presented with missing 14,26,27,33. There was no significant medical history although the patient was an ex-smoker.

On examination, the patient had altered occlusal planes, extensive wear and abrasion with considerable loss of bone and soft tissue.


Further examination of his CBCT revealed limited opportunity to maintain his current teeth due to extensive periodontal problems.

After lengthy consultations with the patient, it was decided upper and lower full clearance with immediately loaded fixed prosthesis on 4 and 6. Neodent implants respectively was the best treatment option.

At the time of surgery, bone quality in the posterior region was poor and required bilateral grafting in the lower premolar to molar regions resulting in 4 implants placed in the mandible at time of surgery opposed to the planned 6.

NeodentNeodent Helix Implants were placed in a combination of Ø3.5, Ø4.0, Ø4.3 diameters with lengths 10, 11.5 and 13 mm.

Stability of implants >32Ncm – 60Ncm was achieved in type 4 bone.

The prosthesis was designed using straight and angled multi-unit Neodent abutments with acrylic PMMA bridge on temporary cylinders. Tempory Prosthesis was designed in conjunction with Omega Dental Ceramics and was fitted the following day.*

“Loved the informed consent and collaboration. This has changed my life.” – Patient

* Minimal swelling and no bruising. OPG post-op scheduled. 

“Neodent is simple. The implant design and cutting ability allows me to place Neodent implants under the most challenging circumstances, especially for immediate placement at the time of extraction. The single platform makes the process of restoring less complicated—not just for me but my lab too. For more advanced cases like NeoArch, the Straumann Group team provides the highest level of support by providing both consignment and technical product expertise on the day of surgery that seamlessly integrates with my surgical team.” – Clinician Dr Barry Patel 


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