Neodent Grand Morse Implant System Greatness is an Achievement

Neodent Implant Systems
Dr Geninho Thomé at work designing.

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Neodent Implant Systems from Straumann Group, is a global brand available in more than 60 countries with more than 1.6 million implants annually placed into patients mouths.

Designed by a dentist, for dentists, Neodent was founded to create more smiles every day for patients worldwide. Dr Geninho Thomé innovated from the best systems in the world and created an implant that provides optimal treatment options to a wider range of patients. 

What began 25 years ago as a means to meet the needs of his patient base in Brazil, has evolved into the second largest implant company worldwide with considerable appeal to the aesthetically inclined yet price sensitive patient who wants consistency and value.

The Neodent Helix Grand Morse is an innovative hybrid implant designed to maximise treatment options and efficiency in all bone types. It was developed based on the inside out concept, starting with the core of the implant with a solution that combines mechanical strength and versatile prosthetic solutions. The result is a complete system that offers features and benefits to make the workflow more efficient.

Neodent Implant Systems
The Neodent Grand Morse implant system.

The Helix Grand Morse has a unique, progressive dynamic thread design and in combination with a small tip and flutes supports immediate engagement. These features help to adapt the drilling sequence and primary stability to the clinical situations even in demanding cases, or to the treatment protocols with immediate implant placement and loading. Additionally, it combines a dual, fully tapered body design with a hybrid outer contour: cylindrical on coronal area and conical on the apical part. This allows for vertical implant placement flexibility in combination with under-osteotomy helping to preserve important peri-implant bone structures—an important prerequisite to optimising the outcomes in aesthetic sites.

These innovative features allow the Neodent Grand Morse Implant Systems to provide four primary benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Stability
  • Aesthetics

It utilises a single prosthetic platform, which delivers efficiency and simplicity. A 3mm internal connection is used across all Grand Morse Implants, from the ø3.5 to the ø6 diameter, requiring one screwdriver, one surgical kit and one implant driver. This connection also offers a unique combination based on proven concepts: a platform switching associated with a deep 16° Morse taper including an internal indexation for a strong and stable connection designed to achieve long-lasting results and reliability. The innovative design and shape of the implant provide proven primary stability and optimal aesthetics for any indication, from single to edentulous. 

The Neodent GM is single solution for a variety of indications and is simple and effective in both single and full arch rehabilitation solutions. 

Backed by Straumann Group service and support this is a system that consistently delivers a reliable patient outcome.   



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