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The desktop interface for the Hyperion X5 can display all the information you need in seconds. 

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Diagnose, discuss, treatment plan, educate… explore the MyRay options for your day to day rays. With options in intraoral and extraoral imaging as well as scanning MyRay works to being truly your ray! 

Extraoral Options 

The 3Di IOS, at just 150 grams, it is one of the lightest intraoral scanners on the market.

HyperionX9 pro CB3D(Pan-Ceph)

Maximum flexibility for your diagnoses. Hyperion X9 pro is fully configurable and its modular and scalable design makes it possible to transition from a basic to a more advanced version in an easy and cost-effective manner. An extraordinary platform that adapts to the needs of your dental practice thanks to the 2D PAN/CEPH sensor that can be easily relocated and to the reversible teleradiographic arm which can be installed on both sides. The most compact 3-in-1 hybrid system available on the market for high-quality 2D and 3D examinations.

Hyperion X5

Hyperion X5 2D PAN,

Hyperion X5 2D PAN “Ceph Ready” 

Hyperion X5 2D PAN CEPH 

Hyperion X5 3D PAN “Ceph Ready” 

Hyperion X5 3D PAN CEPH.

With all the above options available The Hyperion X5 caters to exactly what you need and delivers the best 2D & 3D results within seconds. 

Intraoral Options 

MyRay’s 2D PAN/CEPH on a reversible teleradiographic arm

RXDC: The MyRay RXDC range including the Standard, eXTend or Hypersphere come with a wireless remote and automatic parameter modulation. The collimator is interchangeable for optimum radiation hygiene. 


3DiOS: A scanner designed by dentists for dentists. The3Di IOS features the latest upgrades to Active Stereo Imaging technology; a sophisticated high-performance technology that has been proven in various 3D imaging fields improving accuracy, scan speed, compactness and eliminating the need for calibration. At just 150 grams, it is one of the lightest intraoral scanners on the market.

3DiTS: The 3DiTS tabletop scanner combines a guaranteed high precision of 4µm with fast scanning, essential requirements for the management of digital streams in modern dental applications. 

Intraoral camera 

C-U2: The perfection of high-definition details and innovative design ensures maximum comfort and sharp images with a broad field of view and a progressive scan digital video system. 

iRYS Software: The best all-in-one software platform for multi desktop 2D and 3D imaging, implant simulation iRYS is DATA PROTECTION certified and IHE compliant with DICOM networks. It also comes with iRYS viewer for iPad. PiE (Panoramic image Enhancer), bone quality assessment & airway volume evaluation are just some of the features.  

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