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The world’s smallest & only wall mounted OPG, 3D CBCT with LATERAL CEPH

The market’s first suspended 2D/3D wall mounted “AIR”, the popular X5, has now added LATERAL CEPH to its portfolio of options. The new addition now means there are 6 x “AIR” wall mounted options from ANTHOS in AUSTRALIA

1.   2D OPG
2.   2D OPG (Ceph Ready)
3.   2D OPG & CEPH
4.   3D CBCT & OPG
5.   3D CBCT & OPG (Ceph Ready)
6.   3D CBCT, OPG & CEPH       

The beauty of the X5 is its simplicity, versatility, quality & excellent overall value.

Compact, Light & Easy To Install:

With its compact wall mount, finding a location in a surgery is made a whole lot simpler. Overcome delays associated with finding a workable location in the surgery, and begin experiencing the benefits of in surgery OPG, CEPH & 3D CBCT much sooner than expected. Complimenting this, Anthos in Australia is experienced in guiding you through site preparation and compliance requirements for individual states, territories Australia wide.

PLUG & PLAY – So many user friendly features such as:

OPG: FOCUS FREE / MRT. The 2D OPG image examination uses the patented MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) whereby an automatic best focusing selection system (focus-free) is used.  It is a multi-layer panoramic scan which is performed automatically optimised exposure and scan times for children and adults.

3D CBCT: 3D images with ultra-fast scans at low doses and very high resolution (Voxel 80 µm) over the complete dentition, combined with eight dedicated FOVs up to 10 x 10cm developed to obtain consistently excellent results. Complete dental diagnosis, including assessment of maxillary sinuses.

LATERAL CEPH FULL: The ceph arm is extremely compact and the latest generation sensor ensures optimal performance. Aided by programmed automatisms, the sensor aligns perfectly to speed up the cephalometric examination. Users can select the examination that best suits their actual diagnostic requirements by selecting an ultra-fast or high quality scan. 


Myray iRYS software is supplied with every X5. iRYS quickly elaborates all kinds of acquired data and enables you to browse around the different images be they panoramic scans, cephalometry and three-dimensional bone & models. iRYS presents a multiple desktop management system so as to quickly visualise the images on the screen and effortlessly move from one page to the other. iRYS also incorporates intra oral radiography / camera imaging, as well as a link for Myray’s new 3Di IOS Digital Impression IO Scanner for a completely integrated software solution.

Additionally the X5 Ceph provides additional software interfaces such as TWAIN (3rd Party Integration), DICOM 3.0 Support, Implant surgery planning with surgical guides, and STL interface for CAD.

PLUS Specific for CEPH

The X5 offers an automated online cephalometric tracing service via its partner CEPH X. The iRYS automatic cephalometric analysis service integrates MYRAY’s world class imaging software with the CephX online platform to create a unique and easy-to- use cephalometric tracing and analysis service. After image capturing via the X5/iRYS an automatic cephalometric analysis can be ordered with a push of a button (Myray/Ceph X Application Bridge) and available to the dentist within seconds.


Please consult Anthos in Australia the direct importer of all Myray Imaging Solutions for industry leading pricing all six variations of the segments leading HYPERION X5.  

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