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As Practices become busier than ever and time more valuable, we look to incorporate efficiencies into our practices and processes without compromising patient service or satisfaction. And what better way to do this than eliminate maybe the least enjoyable step to your bonding protocol, flash removal!

The 3M™ APC™ Flash Free precoated brackets are coated with a non-woven mesh pad, injected with the ideal amount of adhesive to allow you to place, position and cure, forming a smooth meniscus around the bracket and eliminating the flash clean-up process with every bracket. This process proves its efficiency by showing a 40% reduction in the time required per bracket vs other bonding systems.* Furthermore, reducing the 11 steps in the traditional bonding process to 5 steps when used in conjunction with 3M Self-Etchant Primer.*

APC Flash-Free System extends its efficiencies beyond the bonding process with a less than 2% bond failure rate, 60% lower than the industry average.* This is a significant reduction in unscheduled patient appointments, freeing time for the reception staff, clinical staff, Practitioners and other patients. 

Another time saver and efficiency for the practice staff is the ease of inventory management. Specially designed storage units allow for an easy stock count and ordering process. APC Flash- Free brackets are individually packaged and sealed with clear bracket descriptions on each blister and in a world where hygiene has become at its utmost importance, APC Flash-Free brackets offer patient, practitioner and staff peace of mind knowing that each bracket is sealed from any airborne contaminants till unsealed for use. Gone are the days of staff mixing one bracket with another or stocking the wrong bracket. 

APC Flash-Free Adhesive is a unique composition of a nonwoven mat (a 3M core technology), soaked with an unfilled resin (another 3M core technology). When an APC Flash-Free adhesive coated appliance is seated in place, the mat lets the resin seep out to fill the space between the bracket base and the tooth. The surface tension of the resin allows it to wet the tooth surface well and form a fillet around the bonding base. The fillet is typically smooth and similar to a meniscus seen at the interface of a liquid and laboratory glassware. In this application, the size of the fillet is constrained by the precise amount of resin determined for each type of tooth. As a result, APC Flash-Free appliances offer a bonding procedure with no need for the flash removal step so that practitioners can focus on appliance positioning. Additionally, the resin amount is critical to creating a well-formed fillet. Multiple in vitro studies were conducted with doctors to define an acceptable fillet and define the resin loading for each bracket.

The most important job of an adhesive is to provide a reliable bond. In adhesive joint design, well-formed fillets are instrumental in distributing stress and contributing to a reliable bond. One indicator of the bond reliability of an orthodontic adhesive is the bond strength measured in laboratory tests. In the diagram above the bond strength of APC Flash-Free adhesive is plotted alongside that of well-received 3M™ Transbond™ XT Adhesive. It can be seen that APC Flash-Free adhesive compares favorably. 

Offering a reduction in bonding steps and appointment duration, bond failure rates and emergency appointments, inventory confusion and cross contamination, APC Flash-Free brackets deliver an innovation designed to benefit the doctor, the team and the patient consistently and reliably.  

When selecting a bracket to grow and streamline my practice I look for efficiency, predictability and durability. The APC Flash-Free Precoat system ticks all the boxes. It really is the ideal bracket for my practice.

Dr Sambevski, 2020 Australia

*data on file

Author: Aslihan Ersoy, Scientific Affairs and Education Manager, 3M Oral Care – Orthodontics

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