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In 1887, as part of the Merchandise Marks Act, “Made in Germany” labelling was introduced to protect British companies from the import of cheaper and, allegedly, lower quality competitor products.

Ironically today, after more than 125 years, “Made in Germany” has become synonymous with high-quality German workmanship. Not just in Great Britain, but all over the world.

Modern German manufacturing brings the promise of functionality, reliability, stable values, a pioneering spirit and innovation that we know as “Made in Germany”—a true symbol of quality and reliability.

Dentsply Sirona Instruments Head of Production and Process Engineering explains what “Made in Germany” means to him.

What exactly is your job at Dentsply Sirona?

I am responsible for instrument pro-duction and process engineering. This means from part production, such as machining, through to final assembly, I am responsible for guaranteeing that our products and processes are of the very best quality both today and in the future. We work very closely with R&D during product development.

What is the importance of thoroughness in your day-to-day work?

A good example of a thorough approach is our daily management. We meet up every morning to discuss in great detail what went well yesterday and what needs to be optimised.
We determine how to proceed face-to-face and also assign responsibilities this way.

“I would never say that we are finished. There is always something that can be improved.”—Roland Weber, Head of Production and Process Engineering

Results should then be available by the following day at the latest. Short routes, direct communication and a team of experts from all fields make this possible.

What defines the label “Made in Germany” for you?

The typical notion of Germany which used to be associated with this label no longer exists. Today, we employ experts from all over the world, including specialists, foremen and engineers. They all help to define who we are and offer their own unique strengths. As such, for me “Made in Germany” means we apply the values which we hold dear to our work; values which have proven their worth over the years and with which we have achieved great success. We embrace the new and combine it with our well-known strengths.

How does Dentsply Sirona benefit from “Made in Germany”?

Here in Bensheim in particular, we can look back on a long and successful tradition of engineering. From trainees through to long-serving staff, they all benefit from the experience, expertise and high standards which are tangible at this site. This enables us to rest assured that the products which we produce satisfy all the relevant requirements. Indeed, they are often better than expected. The staff here give 100 per cent every day to ensuring customer satisfaction.

When do you consider a working day to be successful?

That‘s the case when I have been able to invest a large part of my time in viewing and planning the production and processes of tomorrow. For a process engineer, it is all-important to be able to take care of pending challenges. In a nutshell: A good working day is when I can take care of the future.

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