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General dentists are under attack. New practices are popping up on every street corner, undercutting older dentists, stealing their patients and using savvy marketing tactics to leave the rest of us lurking in the shadows. 

If you had your suspicions, now it’s real. There really is more competition than ever before. Australia is graduating approximately 1,200 new dentists each year, but only 550 dentists retiring in the same period. In 2020, how will your general practice stand out? 

Increasingly, learning and providing Orthodontic treatment appears to be one solution to this competition crisis. 

According to Dr Geoff Hall, the leading tutor at OrthoEd, “Providing high quality Orthodontic treatment gives you a distinct advantage over this growing competition.”

It does make sense. Given the choice between a general dentist who will send the patient from pillar to post for Orthodontic treatment, compared to the dentist who can provide treatment at the practice that they already know and trust,- it’s an easy choice for patients.

And of course, this improved patient experience is likely to result in more inbound referrals, too.

One thing is for sure, Orthodontics is profitable. Students at the OrthoED Institute have reported additional earnings of $25,000 or more per month, on top of their regular dental services, within just two months of starting their Orthodontic training.

So, what makes the OrthoED Institute capable of producing so many successful Orthodontic dentists each year?

According to students, it’s down to the teacher: “As I’ve seen many times, it’s not Orthodontics that’s complicated, unpredictable, or mysterious. It’s the teacher and course material.”

Dr Hall adds, “Sadly, many orthodontic training programs have failed to deliver what each dentist really needs; the necessary tools to treat patients, engaging and fun lessons, along with unlimited support for treating and finishing cases confidently and successfully. Dentists need more than knowledge when it comes to learning and mastering Orthodontics. They want someone they can turn to and trust when an issue or situation arises.”

Over the past 29 years, Dr Geoff Hall has successfully completed over 10,000 Orthodontic cases and, through The OrthoED Institute, has taught over 500 dentists how to deliver Orthodontic treatments with predictable outcomes.

According to Dr Hall, “Learning Orthodontics doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Every single one of my students successfully complete their Ortho training while running a busy dental practice. And without paying anywhere near the cost that colleges or universities charge.” 

It’s clear that learning Orthodontics can offer general dentists many benefits:

  • Stop referring your patients out of your practice .
  • Gain a strong competitive advantage.
  • Deliver a highly in demand service and gain more referrals.
  • Feel excited about your work again
  • Add more profit for your practice

Dr Hall adds, “I believe that if you’re a general dentist who is passionate and you truly care about your patients and practice growth… with the right training, an engaging tutor and unparalleled support, you’re going to gain the confidence to deliver Orthodontic services with predictable and high quality  outcomes, every time.”

Whether you’d like to gain a postgraduate diploma or simply learn the basics, learning Orthodontics at OrthoED could help you stand out from the competition, grow your practice and bring a new level of enjoyment to your profession. The OrthoED institute offers a number of programs to suit all budgets and schedules for dentists Australia wide.

I learnt more in two days with Geoff Hall than I did in two years with other teachers.” — Dr SM, Perth.

It’s really all about the teacher, and that’s Geoff Hall. I believe that he stands above the other orthodontic education delivery systems out there. Since I started the course 18 months ago, I would have on average one ortho case a week, with approximate case value of six to eight thousand per case.” — Dr David Lee

It’s not just specialists who can provide orthodontic treatment. With the right training,support and mentorship general dentists can too. The OrthoED Institute offers a framework for dental practitioners to learn and implement orthodontics into their practice with confidence, providing predictable and high quality outcomes for their patients.  

Visit www.orthotraining.com.au to learn more or call 1300 073 427 for a free information pack today.  


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