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COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we carry on with our lives. It has affected the way we interact with other people, be it at work, at home or in the street. These changes require our re-thinking and re-arranging the methods and practices of how we continue to operate in these new circumstances. It is not yet clear how long this new reality has settled in for, however, we have to plan with an awareness that the road to normality may take long years. 

The most important aspect of this re-arrangement is safety: yours, your staff and your patients. The federal and local Governments together with other regulating authorities impose a variety of restrictions and issue a range of guidelines to ensure a safer environment. It is up to you now to make sure that you comply with them, while having the minimum disruptions to your clinic’s operations. We at Praktika have recently introduced a set of features that aim at helping you stay safer at your clinic while minimising the impact of the restrictions on your day-to-day operations.

1. Be aware of patients’ exposure to COVID-19

We have introduced a mandatory Questionnaire with COVID-19 related questions that precede the Patient Personal and Medical Form. The Questionnaire is part of the emailed form that patients are to complete before the visit. That allows you to avoid contacting with patients who may present a risk or arrange special preparations.

2. Reduce the time spent by patients at your clinic

Praktika’s Emailed Forms and Consent Documents allow patients to submit all the necessary paperwork online without any contact with your staff members. They can do it remotely (at home or elsewhere) prior to the visit. Praktika also allows you to track the progress of patient form submission and processing. By doing this you can significantly reduce your staff contact with patients. Practically any communication with patients can be done via our Cloud service without any physical contact: reminders, quotes, tax invoices, financial statements, forms and consents, etc.

3. Avoid patient interaction with other patients

Patients can stay outside the clinic rather than in your reception area and be notified by Praktika’s SMS that they can proceed to the surgery when it is ready.  The system can notify the staff of the patient’s arrival status (“arrived”, “at surgery”, “left clinic”) via the Arrivals Panel.  This allows you to ensure that patients don’t interact with other patients and they are not touching any objects outside the surgery.

4. Avoid using shared objects and devices

The Cloud technologies allow to connect multiple devices wherever they are. By sending patients links to their Personal and Medical forms, or other documents you allow patients to use their own private devices (phones, tablets, laptops or computers) to submit the requested information. This way the patients don’t have to touch objects (pens, sheets of paper, iPads) at your clinic and pass them to other patients or staff members. In fact, all the interaction of patients outside the surgery can be made contactless. You can also use Praktika’s integration with HICAPS and Tyro HealthPoint to process payments without contact.

5. Reduce your staff exposure by allowing work from home

Praktika enables your staff to work from home where it is practical. The “Anywhere – Anytime” principle of the Cloud computing allows users to work remotely. 

Your staff can perform a variety of tasks while being away from the clinic: communication with patients, accounting, treatment plans preparation, reporting, updating clinical notes and records, X-Ray analysis, recalls management, referral processing and report writing just to name a few. The advantage is that you don’t have to be on premises to access the data or have a complex IT setup like VPN or Remote Desktop. All you need is the Internet access.

By implementing these simple measures you can significantly reduce the risks of COVID-19 for yourself, your staff and your patients. Praktika Cloud and our team are there to help you operate safely no matter how long these extraordinary times will last.

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