Is your online presence operating at full speed?

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Your online presence is like a car. There are a lot of moving parts. And if not operated correctly, it can cost you a flood of new patients.

Is your online presence operating at full speed?

With 12 years experience managing the online presence for thousands of practices, we’ve discovered that the following five digital marketing factors are essential to maximise new patient growth.


Get predictable results with a digital marketing strategy based on these five factors.

1. High-Converting Website

Contemporary, mobile-friendly website design that “connects emotionally with target patients and content that “persuades” them to choose your practice over another local dental practice.

2. Website Traffic

Once you have a high-converting practice website, you’ll want to maximise organic and paid traffic from search engines, namely Google. Our research shows that 84% of new patients start their online journey to find a new local dentist with their favourite search engine (not social media, online directories or referral websites).

3. Social Media

Social media is primarily an internal marketing tool to build patient community. The benefit is increased patient retention (loyalty) and referrals. However, social media does aid new patient conversion as many new patients will review your social presence before they convert.

4. Online Reviews

5-star online reviews with Google and other review sites aids new patient conversion. Conversely, monitoring poor review and taking the appropriate action is essential to manage your online reputation.

5. Email Marketing

An internal and external marketing tool, email marketing allows you to nurture existing patient relationships and new patient leads. Sending relevant email messages can encourage a new patient lead to choose you or prompt an existing patient to refer you.

10 Weeks = 350 New Patients

Learn how one practice used these five factors to get 350 new patients in just 10 weeks:

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Here’s what Sharon from QVC Dental had to say 12 months after attending a Smile Marketing seminar which outlined these principles:

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