Your tools: MyRay C-U2 intraoral camera


cameraby Dr Ayesha Tiwary, Heidelberg Dentist, VIC

When we ordered a new dental chair, this intraoral camera came attached, though it can be purchased separately. It’s a great unit and the quality of the images is better than those from other cameras we have used in the past.

What’s good about it

I like this camera because it’s easy to use and has a similar design to my hand pieces. Though it’s not great for extraoral photography, you can still get a decent picture if you want to show the patient something that’s very obvious. It’s much easier to snap a quick photo than step away from the patient and grab the big camera.

The quality of the photos is good and it works very well when taking before-and-after photos. The images come up on a screen attached to the chair and it’s an effective tool when communicating with patients. Rather than trying to describe what’s happening in their mouth, I can show them where cracks are starting to form or where fillings are failing.

It’s also handy when trying to see a difficult area in the mouth. The camera can access everywhere and put a nice large image on the screen. I save all the images to the patient’s files so our records are always up to date.

What’s not so good

It would be great if it had a higher resolution. Often we zoom in on the image to pick up fine detail and it would be clearer if the resolution was better—however, I believe Anthos recently released a new version, the CU2 HD, with improved clarity. When you take an image, the camera has an auto-focus but you need to hold it at a very specific distance from the tooth to get a clear shot.

Where did you get it?



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