Intra-oral cameras that offer more

soprolifeDigital imaging is now within easy reach of all dental practices, helping improve the accuracy of diagnosis, aiding patient education and encouraging treatment acceptance.

Many practices have made the leap to intra-oral cameras to aid visual examinations and share images with patients during regular consultations. However, there are significant advantages to moving beyond simple intra-oral cameras to more advanced diagnostic aids including ACTEON®’s SoproLIFE® and SoproCARE® intra-oral devices.

SoproLIFE represents a major breakthrough in ease of examination and diagnosis by harnessing the power of fluorescence to identify caries and demineralised dentine not visible to the naked eye—all without the aid of X-rays.

Thanks to its high-resolution camera with pre-set focus and an astounding 115x magnification, SoproLIFE provides a rapid, accurate and compelling representation of tooth and gum health, providing a sound basis for treatment planning. Put simply, SoproLIFE provides the benefits of an intra-oral camera, microscope and caries detector all in the one compact and affordable device.

Similarly, the SoproCARE intra-oral camera features a unique ‘Perio’ mode. This feature reveals inflammation associated with gingivitis and early onset periodontitis. The fluorescence wavelength dramatically highlights new and old plaque on the tooth surface without the need to use messy disclosing solutions.

The unique fluorescence technology not only graphically highlights hard and soft tissue pathology and plaque, but is also a great education aid for communicating to the patient about tooth and gum health. The images can be easily captured and added to the patient record for monitoring oral health over time and as a medicolegal record of treatment.

As such, both SoproCARE and SoproLIFE have proven to be great ‘practice builders’, by boosting treatment acceptance and trust by eliminating any uncertainty around the dentist’s or oral therapist’s diagnosis and recommendations. In fact, by involving patients more intimately in their own oral health status, patients begin to ‘self diagnose’ and often request additional treatments such as cosmetic and restorative procedures like shade-matched composite fillings, tooth whitening and veneers.

A-dec is offering bundled pricing of ACTEON digital imaging equipment packages and Sopro Imaging Software until December 2016 for those looking to invest in or upgrade their digital imaging equipment to take advantage of the latest technological advances.

Visit for product details. Call A-dec toll-free on 1800 225 010 for your nearest ACTEON® dealer

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