Interview: Eric Genève CEO of Anthogyr, September 2018


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Can you tell our readers a little bit about Anthogyr?

Created in 1947, Anthogyr is a midsized family business and symbol of historical know-how of the Arve Valley (Haute-Savoie, France). Initially specialising in bar-turning for industrial subcontracting and the manufacture of dental instruments, over the years Anthogyr specialised further to become a key player worldwide for the design and manufacture of premium dental implants.

Today, Anthogyr operates 6 subsidiaries in Europe, distributes its products in more than 100 countries worldwide, and achieves nearly half of its revenues outside France. For more than 70 years, Anthogyr has shown that it is possible to be an independent, human sized company and yet challenge the biggest players on the market. Industrial expertise, innovation and human engagement bring and constantly advance our Prime Mover in Implantology strategy. 


What are your primary products and services?

Our core business is implantology, and our goal is to provide innovative solutions that are accessible to as many people as possible. Our Axiom® Multi Level® implant solution combines our expertise in implantology with Simeda® customised prostheses. With the creation of inLink® connections, which are innovative due to their full integration into prostheses, we made Bone Level and Tissue Level approaches compatible in implant-supported multiple restorations. Along those lines, this spring we will be launching AxIN®, a screw-retained single solution with Angulated Access. 

Historically, Anthogyr’s first business was instruments. We kept the business vibrant by opening it up to a range of products dedicated to implantology. At the end of the year, we will be introducing Xpert Unit, the first smart implantology motor. 

Finally, our team of Experts and Representatives are available to assist our practitioner and prosthetist clients, and Technical Support is available for CAD-CAM. Also, the Campus organises training sessions for implantologists and prosthetists.

How are your products distributed?

In France, we have a team of Implant Sales Representatives and Prosthesis Experts. Abroad, which is where 40% of our sales come from, we have 6 subsidiaries and a distribution network that gives us a presence on every continent. Our two production centres are located in Sallanches, Anthogyr’s historical main site, and in Mersch in Luxembourg, where Simeda® was founded before we acquired it. Within Australia we have been distributing our products through Gulmohar Dental for close to a decade and have been thoroughly impressed by the local support they have shown our customers.

What are the biggest shifts happening in the dental industry? How have you dealt with them at Anthogyr?

That would be the integration of digital technology, no question. Whether it’s used in implantology planning and imaging or in team processes—particularly when it comes to modelling and machining for prosthetics—digital technologies are revolutionising our business. They allow us to make our creations more precise, our processes more flexible, and our production faster.

These evolutions mean major changes for manufacturers. For our sites in Sallanches and Mersch, Anthogyr is fully committed to Industry 4.0, the goal of which is to connect customer needs with production tools. We acquired Simeda in 2012, a company specialised in the manufacture of customised prostheses using CAD-CAM machining. Currently, we are finalising a completely digital workflow for our customers, from the impression stage using an intra-oral scanner to making the customised prosthesis and its printed model. 

Do you foresee any new changes in the dental industry or for Anthogyr?

Double the services and connectivity for everyone! We have to be ambitious and modest at the same time. Digital technology will continue to expand, and manufacturers will continue to customise their products. Right now, we want to develop a range of digital services for our customers. That is why Anthogyr just acquired a company specialised in the design of software for dental professionals.

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