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dental hygiene products

Your most precious asset is yourself and your staff. If you eliminate sources of contamination for you and your staff then you can all enjoy optimal health throughout your careers and beyond.

Your next, equally important asset is your patients – the same applies to your loyal patients as above.


The third most important is the valuable equipment and furnishings you have invested in to carry out your precise work. You work tirelessly to pay off these investments and expect a long working life from them by using good products to keep them safe and functional e.g. chairs, surfaces and tools of trade.

dental hygiene products

Some of Durr’s key hygiene products in Australia & NZ are:

1. Orotol Plus Suction System Disinfectant/Cleaner – daily disinfectant and cleaner to keep all suction pipes and internal chair components clean and germ free. Best used end of day or after heavy surgical procedures.

2. MD 555 Special Cleaner for Suction Systems – weekly cleaner for deeper cleaning of suction plumbing to ensure dissolution of solids that may build up over time causing slow drainage which may also hold bacterial debris. Best used at end of week during lunch break.

3. FD 366 Sensitive Surface Disinfectant – a lower alcohol fast disinfectant to protect sensitive surfaces such as plastics on dental units and plastic instruments including intraoral cameras and operating light covers. Also good for vinyl seat covers and headrests. A good universal surface disinfectant. Approved by Dentsply Sirona, Ultradent, Stern Weber & Morita for use on their treatment chairs.

4. FD 333 Quick Acting Surface Disinfectant – Approved by Planmeca & Morita for use on their treatment chairs.

5. FD 322 Quick Acting Surface Disinfectant – Approved by KAVO, Planmeca, Morita and Ultradent for use on their treatment chairs.

6. FD 360 Upholstery Cleaner and Conditioner – when used in combination with our special sponges to draw out stains on vinyl upholstery, it also reconditions the vinyl to remain supple after repeated disinfection cycles between patients. Usually applied once per week. Approved by Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, Ultradent, Stern Weber & Morita for use on their treatment chairs.

Please contact Louis Manera from Durr Dental for advice on suppliers within Australia & NZ on +61 (0)412 95 95 25 or at manera.l@duerr.com.au

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