How to leverage your PMS and HealthEngine to grow your practice


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With over 1,000 dental practices using HealthEngine and thousands of patients booking their dental appointments on the platform each week, HealthEngine provides an opportunity for practices to grow their business and maintain their existing patient book. And with formal integrations set up with most practice management software (PMS) vendors, HealthEngine is easy for practices to implement into their daily routine. Here are some pro tips from HealthEngine Customer Success Manager Nathan Wilson and Silke Goette, joint owner of Jindalee Family Dental practice, on making HealthEngine work for you.

What is HealthEngine?

HealthEngine is a technology platform helping practices be found and connect with current and potential patients, via the HealthEngine website and app. Patients love HealthEngine’s 24/7 booking convenience, which correlates nicely with practice growth. Silke says that when she joined HealthEngine it was because she knew patients didn’t want to book their appointments during the day when they’re busy, but at night, online at times that suited them.

How does HealthEngine work?

Patients needing a dental appointment can jump on HealthEngine and use the search criteria based on their individual preferences. They may search for their practice, a practice near them or for certain appointment times for example. If your practice is on the HealthEngine Network, your available appointments will show and patients can book directly. It’s up to you what appointments are available, the times and their length so you can tailor everything to suit your goals. Silke says the best way to use HealthEngine depends on how you manage your books; “On Thursdays I only want to be open for certain procedures so I don’t publish appointments for that day. I manage the flow of my check ups and scale and cleans to the afternoon, keeping the more involved dental work to the mornings when my dentist is freshest.”   

Using PMS Integrations 

HealthEngine has formal integrations with Dental4Windows, EXACT, OASIS, Praktika and more. That means, practices can publish their available appointments straight from their PMS to HealthEngine without any manual handling. Integrating your PMS with HealthEngine is simple and starts with a one-on-one call with a HealthEngine Implementation Manager. They’ll take you through setting up your profile, setting up your appointment types and will address any questions you may have. Once you’re comfortable with the system, you can set up the publishing processes that suit your practice. 

Pro tips

It’s no surprise that practices who do well on HealthEngine are the ones consistently publishing all their booking availability. Silke says the negative stigma around publishing too many appointments doesn’t exist from a patient’s point of view—they want to book when it best suits them. And that strategy is working, as her practice is usually booked out a month in advance, just leaving openings for emergencies.

Make the most of the access you’ll have to our Customer Success team; they’re on hand to suggest ways to optimise your profile to get more bookings or review your performance reports and identify opportunities for you. Silke likes to review her practice performance reports each month, including their spend and booking data to help calculate ROI and optimise the patient experience.  

Our final pro tip is consistency. Committing to HealthEngine as a marketing channel and publishing regularly will help you achieve your goals. On average, dental practices
on our platform receive 6 new patients per month.  

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