How to avoid bad press in the new “normal”

safety and infection control

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Survive then thrive

The recent global pandemic has highlighted the need for increased safety and infection control measures in order to protect the community as a whole.

With social distancing, increased safety measures and continual uncertainty around the re-introduction of restrictions, does your practice have a plan to survive and thrive?

Build a reputation for safety

Ensure your practice stands out from your competitors and avoid negative publicity by building a reputation for safety. 

Don’t just pre-screen patients as they arrive for their appointment. If they have COVID-19 and are already at your front reception, you may have just started the next wave of infection and will soon find your practice on the front page of the news. 

Automated pre-screening of patients prior to arrival

Henry Schein One Australia relaunched their new and improved Patient Experience 2.0 solution earlier this year, which has just been nominated for an Innovation Award by the Australian Dental Industry Association.

Patient Experience 2.0 works by automatically pre-screening patients with a digital COVID-19 questionnaire along with other pre-appointment forms prior to arrival. 

By automating this process and asking these questions before your patient arrives at the practice, the risk of staff and patient infection is significantly reduced. 

Patients’ responses are saved directly into EXACT dental software, saving your front desk time and reducing the risk of errors from manual human data entry.

Solving the issue of social distancing in your practice

Previously, practices with EXACT could enable their patients to self check-in by scanning a QR code on their smartphone on a self check-in kiosk. Now, with Patient Experience 2.0 patients simply click a button on their phone when they arrive without needing to interact with a physical kiosk. 

By removing the requirement for practices to have a dedicated physical kiosk, practices are reducing the risk of virus transmission from touching a possibly contaminated surface. 

What’s more, self check-in enables patients to stay physically distant from front desk staff as well as other patients at the end of their appointment, who may be at reception making payment or booking in their next appointment.  

How prepared is your practice?

To learn more about how to better protect the community with Patient Experience 2.0, simply call Henry Schein One Australia on 1300 889 668 or email  


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