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Cairns Precision Dental Group

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Cairns Precision Dental Group is a much-loved business that has been a core part of the local Cairns community for over 17 years. The highly skilled professional team of dentists ensure its community have the best possible solutions for their dental treatment.  

We sat down with Melissa Morgan, Practice Manager at Cairns Precision Dental Group, who is responsible for the management and operations for the practice, to find out how they make their customer’s smile. 

The powerful tool of communication: Text

Three years ago, Melissa and the team noticed a shift in their patients’ communication preference, especially amongst the younger demographics. 

“We found that a lot of the younger generations generally preferred communicating via SMS, especially when it came to scheduling appointments and responding to offers and promotions.”  

Driven by their ongoing commitment to ensure excellent customer service, Cairns Precision Dental Group worked hard to keep patients informed and updated and wanted to utilise the channels that their customers preferred. 

As a result, the team decided to work with Podium to implement its ‘Campaigns’ solution, which enabled communication via SMS for customer service, updates and promotions. 

“By offering SMS as a communication channel, our customers have an easy and convenient way to contact us directly. It simplified scheduling appointments and allowed our patients to opt-in to be notified about upcoming promotions and offers that the practice was running each month.” 

Since working with Podium, Cairns Precision Dental Group’s opt-in list for text communication has grown to over 3,300 subscribers. 

“The rapid growth of subscribers is proof that our patients really prefer SMS as the way to communicate,” said Melissa. 

Online reputation

In addition, Melissa wanted to manage the practice’s online presence as it was lacking Google reviews. In the practice, the only way patients could leave a review was to fill out a form after their appointment – a process which had low engagement rates and no impact on the business. 

To combat this, Melissa sought a solution to streamline the review collection process. 

After seeing how SMS had transformed communication with patients for scheduling appointments and sharing promotions and updates, Melissa decided to implement Podium’s ‘Reviews’ solution to assist in the review collection process. 

‘Reviews’ automatically sends patients an invite to leave review via text message after their appointment, encouraging them to share their experience. By streamlining the process of leaving a review, Melissa and the team noticed a significant increase in customers posting a review within an hour – in some cases minutes – of their appointment. 

Since implementing Podium’s ‘Reviews’, Cairns Precision Dental Group’s average star rating has increased from 4.47 to 4.85 and over 100 reviews have been posted within a month. 

“This solution has reduced additional admin for our staff enabling them to focus on providing quality service for our patients. Over time, we hope to see the number of reviews continue to increase as this could entice potential new customers to try us out.”

The result? Smiling customers and a smiling business. 

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