How does the jigsaw puzzle that is your practices IT piece together?

dental IT provider

Ten years ago the IT solutions that practices required was relatively simple. You had one of three practice management systems and a simple digital imaging solution. The two linked but there wasn’t a need to do much more. Fast forward to today you have a much more complicated landscape with digital imaging solutions that link into practice management solutions, intraoral cameras, scanners, milling units, 3d printers… the list keeps going!

Dental Practices for IT providers are not your average bear and this is where an experienced Dental IT provider can assist your practice. It’s not about fixing the problems that arise but more so understanding how a problem affects the practice from a workflow perspective and focusing on minimising the risk of these issues occurring or even preventing them from even happening in the first place

How often do you come in of a morning and X-ray’s or PMS software isn’t working? Rather then just throwing in computers and networks we take a measured approach to ensure whatever systems you use or are planning to use are suited for our networks.

Discover the Advantages

At Teamwork we eat breathe and sleep dental IT which gives us an intimate knowledge on the dental space in all aspects of dental technology, allowing us to provide the right IT solution to our clients which cost less over their lifespan to both maintain and run more efficiently.

Alongside with this focus on dental this gives us the best relationships with the vendors that you use, allowing us to have more vendor training on the software and equipment that your practice uses which ultimately allows us to fix things ourselves more efficiently without having to go upstream for support.

Managed or Unmanaged

There is a great debate out there among IT providers as to whether or not managed services is beneficial to their clients, we highly recommend managed IT as you end up being proactive rather then reactive. There are two key points that you also need to consider when looking at an IT provider in dental:

1. If a patient only comes to the dentist when they feel pain and don’t brush their teeth, what are the risks to the patient and how long are their teeth going to last? This is similar to the mindset that Managed IT providers have, we maintain the networks and computers which is the equivalent to brushing the patients teeth on a daily basis, with a monthly health check which is the same as your six monthly visit.

2. If you are on reactive support your IT provider is rewarded and becomes more profitable when things break or are not working, whereas if you are on Managed IT services your IT provider is rewarded if things run smoothly.

As a managed client we maintain your networks, updates, anti-virus, backups and proactively monitor your computers alongside with unlimited business hours remote, email and telephone support at a predictable cost by our in house team. 

If you are looking to take your practices IT systems to the next level, talk to the team at Teamwork Technology about how you can have a worry free IT solution in your practice.

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