How a Biography Film strategy can earn you a true competitive edge.

biography films

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Who are you? Which potential patients need to know? How will they find out? And perhaps the most daunting question a leader can ask is, why should they care? 

There’s a challenge facing Dentists and Orthodontists seeking organic growth in the community they serve. It’s the consequence of Google search becoming universally used by healthcare consumers. Your business is on the same virtual high street with your competitors on display too. How then, can a potential patient be expected to discern and choose your practice ahead of your competitors?

Like many dentists, Dr Simon Franks of Bite Dental Studios (pictured below) was initially sceptical at the prospect of a new marketing concept. However, as the relationship grew, we developed a deep understanding of the dynamic type of brand he was aiming for. It became clear given the volume of practices in Brisbane, all competing for the same patients, appearing a bit different wouldn’t be good enough. This is where the Biography Films strategy was initially created. Showreel available at

Biography Films have three primary functions:

Radical differentiation

They help potential patients choose from the bewildering array of choices before them. They uniquely respect that the patient has control to buy their treatment or procedures from whomever they like.


Biography Films communicate the intrinsic quality of a practice through its leader, people and culture. This reassures patients that they’re making the right choice and sets the foundation for long-term loyalty.

Biography Films are a dynamic cocktail of psychology, neuroscience, imagination, cinematic experience, branding, public relations and a fresh approach to change.


They use universal language and associations to encourage customers to identify with your business. This powers tremendous word-of-mouth exposure, which relieves the demand of having to constantly advertise to grow revenue.

Biography Films evoke emotion and engage human connections at scale. Unlike advertising, it is an enduring strategy that is virtually impossible for competitors to successfully emulate. This is great from a personal branding perspective, but it predominately assists in increasing the efficiency of a practice by reducing consultation time and converting more high value treatment plans.

Time is the coveted commodity for any medical leader. Which is why with every Biography Film we create; we seek to film the in-person consulting process to reduce the time our client spends with patients. Filming a consultation series alows medical professionals to gain their time back to focus on what matters most! It allows them to do so in a manner that doesn’t displease people or dehumanise the doctor, but instead, delights patients and builds stronger relationships.  

Power the results you most want for your business within the next 6 months. Whether that’s attracting mainstream media reach, dominating on Google search, or engaging the widest audience of qualified prospects across social media. Contact us today to find out more on 1300 615 330 or request your complimentary proposal online.  


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