Here’s Why 2021 Could Be A Golden Year For Dentists doing Orthodontics

dentists doing orthodontics

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Market analysts predict a 20% decrease in dental patient volume and revenue in 2021. As a fellow dentist, I should be worried about these predictions. Instead, I’m rather optimistic.

That’s because these predictions are based on the assumption that dentists will not be learning profitable new skills that are in high demand.

I have a far more positive prediction; dentists who learn orthodontics early in 2021 could have their best year to date. 

And why not? After all, orthodontics is profitable and in high demand. In fact, a recent report by Fortune Business Insights shows that the global orthodontics market is expected to reach USD 9.72 Billion at 11.6% CAGR by 2026. 

New grads vs Established dentists – who benefits from offering orthodontics?

For new grads, learning orthodontics in their first 5 years is a massive advantage, allowing them to become better clinicians as they understand function and occlusion, achieve better results, retain customers and stand out from competitors. 

For general dentists with established practices, it’s not too late either. As we’ve seen, 2021 could be the perfect time to learn orthodontics or improve your orthodontic skills as the demand continues to skyrocket. 

How can you choose the right training?

Your orthodontic tuition should provide a range of training options—not just one size fits all. The training itself should be based on principles, not a rigid cookbook approach . This way, you’ll be able to take on a variety of cases and treat any patient with total confidence and no suprises. 

Another major benefit is having hands-on training components and hands-on case support once you’re back at your practice. Sadly, most providers do not offer this.

Why choose OrthoED to learn orthodontics?

Enjoy a wide range of world-class tuition – allowing you to take on orthodontic cases with total confidence and complete them successfully, ensuring predictable, high-quality outcomes every time.

Learn principles, not a cookbook or cookie cutter approach, so you can successfully treat a range of cases and foresee problems before they arise.

Receive hands-on support – giving you the confidence to treat a variety of cases, achieve excellent results and gain more referrals. 

OrthoED offers 5 learning paths for students…

SmileFast – A 2-day introductory course covering everything you need to know to transform your practice and treat cosmetic orthodontic cases .

OrthoED Live – The fully accredited 2-year Mini Masters program with an optional post-graduate diploma. OrthoED offers you a range of in-person training programs to suit your needs and budget.

OrthoED online programs – Learn aligners, diagnosis and treatment planning or conventional straight wire mechanics from the convenience of your home or office. 

CAPS (Complete Aligner Planning Service) – Hands-on treatment planning of your cases so you  confidently take on most aligner cases, increase profitability and productivity, reduce appointments and achieve world-class results for your patients.

Mentorship – Now you can have the best minds in Orthodontics working with you every day, helping you make decisions, solving problems, providing hands-on advice and being there to answer any questions you have. As your mentor, I bring 30 years of specialist orthodontic experience in completing over 10,000 cases. Dr Geoffrey Hall.   

Ready for your best year yet? 

Then let’s talk!
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