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This article is sponsored content brought to you Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand (formerly Software of Excellence).

Formerly known as Software of Excellence, and having already established themselves as a Henry Schein company in 2007, the business strategically aligned themselves closer to the legacy of Henry Schein in August 2019 and as a result changed their business name to Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand.

“Our mission is to ensure dental practices have what it takes to run a profitable business and that starts with having the right practice management software and the right processes,” said Mark Van Zuylekom, General Manager for Henry Schein One Australia and New Zealand.

Embracing change and technological innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced dental practices to re-evaluate their business and the way they operate. While this may seem daunting at first, now is the time to embrace change and reconsider your practice management system in order to optimise your business performance. 

Henry Schein One offers three software solutions to suit every practice’s unique needs and business objectives. These include EXACT to drive business performance and growth, OASIS to assist with simplifying your practice management, and Dentrix Ascend to deliver the accessibility and security of cloud-based practice management software.

Henry Schein One gives you the freedom to choose the best practice management software for your dental practice, so that you can thrive during these challenging times.

Create a contactless experience

Furthermore, Henry Schein One’s Patient Experience solution that integrates seamlessly with EXACT enables practices to create a contactless experience, which will be a critical success factor. Launched in 2019, the Patient Experience solution helps to minimise both human-to-human and human-to-object contact. This in turn will help protect both patients and staff while reducing anxiety and workflow inefficiencies. 

Join an award-nominated program

When you make the switch to Henry Schein One, your practice may qualify to join the Customer Success Program. The program empowers dental practices throughout Australia and New Zealand to achieve positive results across all areas of their business. Top performing practices who have made the switch and joined the Customer Success Program have achieved on average:

  • 43% revenue growth
  • 93% chair-time utilisation
  • <1% in FTAs
  • $700+ average hourly earnings
  • 36 new patients per month per chair

Prepare for the new “normal”

Whether you are a Henry Schein One customer or not or looking to open a new surgery, a complimentary business review with a Henry Schein One specialist will help you prepare for the new “normal” and make informed decisions. As your trusted advisor, we will help with:

  • Analysing your performance across areas that impact revenue and workflow efficiency;
  • Identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth; and
  • Recommending strategies based on the latest research.  

To learn more simply contact Henry Schein One at
1300 889 668
or bestpractice@henryscheinone.com.au or visit henryscheinone.com.au  


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