Heat up the ‘steam’ to keep them clean


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handpiece sterilisation
The NSK iClave Plus delivers outstanding efficiency despite its large capacity.

Handpiece maintenance and sterilisation with NSK

Before the sterilisation process, there is a preparatory phase to get your instruments ready for your next patient. As a guideline, NSK provides 5 basic steps that dental practices should implement to not only increase the longevity and efficiency of their NSK handpieces but also to ensure effective sterilisation.

1. Preparation: This involves removing the contra angle or air turbine handpiece from the motor or coupling joint as well as the bur from the chuck.


2. External cleaning: With a neutral detergent or enzymatic solution, clean the external surface of the handpiece. You may also use a soft brush if external debris is still present. Rinse with running water (<38˚C, mineralised water is recommended). It is recommended that you do not spray directly on to the handpiece—use a wipe or lint-free cloth if required. To dry your NSK handpieces, use a dry mat or lint-free cloth or alternatively compressed air. 

NSK handpieces with the symbol indicates that it can be washed through a thermo-disinfector. Solutions used must not exceed PH9.5.

Lubrication is a critical step in maintaining NSK handpieces and can be completed either manually by using Pana spray can for maintenance or automatically using the NSK iCare Maintenance Unit.

3. Sterilisation: Place the NSK handpiece in a sterilisation pouch and seal the pouch. All NSK handpieces can be steam autoclaved to a maximum of 135˚C.

4. Storage: After sterilisation, leave each handpiece sealed in the unopened autoclave pouch in a hygienic area ready for your next patient. Instrument Sterilisation for any dental practice is critical to eliminate the potential transmission of infectious diseases. 

“Autoclaving is a simple and absolute method of instrument sterilisation…however, quality control involving both correct procedures and the autoclave itself are critical to effective operation and sterilisation (Savage & Walsh, 1995).” 1 

As a trusted global handpiece manufacturer, NSK has used its expertise to design an autoclave that will effectively sterilise your dental instruments, which often consists of high-precision micro mechanisms that require careful sterilisation to maintain performance.

Key features

  • Efficient: The iClave Plus is equipped with a copper chamber that retains heat 25 times more than stainless steel chambers. This offers efficient heating and cooling of your dental instruments.
  • Spacious: Weighing in at 55kgs and dimensions of W445 x D532 x H428 (mm), the iClave Plus has an 18L capacity offering 50% more sterilisation space than conventional stainless steel autoclave chambers. This means more instruments can be sterilised at one time!
  • Reliable: Made with the finest components, the iClave Plus ventilates air through a bacterial filter during the drying phase eliminating the possibility of re-contamination giving you confidence when treating patients.
  • Low operating costs: Despite its size, the design of the iClave Plus reduces the amount of electricity consumed by at least 25% during operation, end users also have the capability to clean filters, use cleaning tablets to remove any nuisance substances such as oil and replace door seals when required. ≤

Contact these dealers to find out more: 

QLD: Dental Depot—1800 333 768; sales@dentaldepot.com.au

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VIC: Medident—1300 886 674; sales@medident.com.au

WA: West Coast Dental Depot—08 9479 3244 E: reception@westcoastdental.com.au

NSW: Tristan’s Dental—0402 215 758; 0406 760 205; info@tristansdental.com.au

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1 Savage N.W. & Walsh L.J. 1995, ‘The use of autoclaves in dental surgery’ Australian Dental Journal, vol. 30 no. 3, pp. 197-200.

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