FDI supports dental teams to deliver safe and transparent care with new toolkit

FDI quality improvement toolkit
Photo: Piksel – 123rf

FDI World Dental Federation recently released the Quality Improvement Toolkit to support dental teams in their work to deliver consistent, quality care.

The toolkit urges dental teams to take a comprehensive approach to the term ‘quality’ by considering the social and economic environment, the organisation of the dental practice, and the importance of patient and staff wellbeing.

Quality assurance requires strong institutional will, appropriate structures, adequate financial and human resources, a high standard of training for personnel, and fair remuneration of personnel.

If the goal of providing a safe, transparent and quality service for patients is a clearly stated priority for dental teams worldwide, defining quality in dentistry remains particularly challenging as there are different definitions and frameworks to assess quality care.

The toolkit aims to outline criteria that can be used by practitioners, institutions, funding agencies, and professional organisations to enable them to set up systems that can help improve quality—whatever their needs, resources, and objectives may be.

This article was sourced from the News page on the FDI website.


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