Experts in discussion: Treatment options with clear aligners

ClearCorrect aligners
ClearCorrect aligners treatment plan.

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Treatment options with clear aligners are constantly growing. More and more dentists are incorporating aligner treatment into their portfolio. The indications go far beyond typical crowding. Whether treating crossbite, deep bite, or CMD, avoiding implantation or invasive restorations—the treatment options are enormous. How steep is the learning curve? How do you explain the ins and outs of treatment to the patient? What does it all cost? And how do orthodontists respond to the growing competition from dentists?

Orthodontics with clear aligners – a fringe therapy just a few years ago, is now en vogue. But what criteria do you apply when choosing the right provider?

MALL: If you are just looking at the production of the aligners themselves, there are only a few differences. They are all ultimately produced by the same principle. What is important is the service and the price structure. That’s where the differences are quite profound. I personally need a contact in my workflow who I get on with and with whom I can communicate directly, who can react in real time to my concerns and can immediately implement them. That’s what ClearCorrect offers. Anything else means that the workflow is delayed and that means extra costs for the patient. If the cost structure and service are not right, I can produce the aligner in my own lab as I used to.

MÜLLER: I see it the same way. We have included clear aligner treatment in our treatment options for a very long time now. In the beginning, we worked with different labs and smaller suppliers. In the last two and a half years we have been using Invisalign, CA Aligners and the ClearCorrect concept, which hardly anyone in Germany knew anything about until it was taken over by Straumann…

… but now it is one of the leading suppliers. What is the concept behind its success?

MÜLLER: Straumann didn’t just push ClearCorrect with marketing instruments alone, but put their faith in science, service and support. Before they started they involved dentists and orthodontists in the optimisation process. The idea of buying straight teeth in an aligner shop without a dental review or consultation was never on the cards with the ClearCorrect concept. And that’s something we should welcome.

My opinion after two and a half years: We get the treatment set-ups really quickly, the material is fantastic, it is made of 0.76 mm polyurethane, has high retention capacity and is resistant to discoloration.

KOMISCHKE: And the price-performance profile is especially good. That’s really important in my practice in the countryside. The treatment cannot cost too much but it has to do what it promises. If one of these two aspects does not hold up, that spreads like wildfire, especially in rural areas.
That’s why I made sure that I didn’t choose the most expensive or the cheapest supplier. 

ClearCorrect is a proud member of the Straumann Group

This interview was conducted by Anne Barfuß, editor of Medizin, Zahnmedizin in the Deutscher Ärzteverlag. 

First publication:  DEUTSCHER ÄRZTEVERLAG, DENTAL MAGAZIN, 2020;38(4), pages 16-25. To view the full article visit:  


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