Expert review… KaVo MASTERmatic™ LUX M25L for high-precision preparation


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autoclave sterilisation

With 25LP, there was some contact with the opposing teeth during preparation of the second and third molars, but with M25L and M05L mini, it was possible to do a preparation to alleviate a burden of patients who open their mouth. Using the KaVo brushless motor with its range of 100 to 40,000 rpm allows for precise preparations just as imagined, due to the SMARTdrive (low speed, high torque of 3 N/100 min-1, equivalent to implant motor).

In addition, there has been an increase in the number of dentists performing treatments on a micro-loupe or micro-scope in pursuit of better clinical results. When performing treatment in a magnified visual field, a reduced head size has the advantage of making your blind spot smaller. With M25L and M05L mini, their performance can be demonstrated when MI (Minimal Intervention) treatment or finish line preparation with a loupe or microscope.

“KaVo MASTERmatic LUX M25L/M05L mini provides strong support for performing highly
precise preparations in our daily clinical practice. I fully believe that high-quality instruments provide sound technological foundations for our dentists”.

Handpiece cleaning, disinfection and sterilization have garnered attention as measures against in-clinic infection,  but it was KaVo that released the world’s first  sterilisable handpiece in 1928, so I have unwavering confidence in their safety and durability. 

At my dental clinic, autoclave sterilisation is done after lubricating with KaVo QUATTROcare plus 2124A, but it is no trouble at all.

At the clinic, we say that “choosing quality items means you can use quality items for a long time”, and we naturally consider it good sense to handle instruments carefully”.  

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autoclave sterilisation

Dr Takashi Higashi, Director of Higashi Dental Clinic


1996 – Graduated at Tokyo Medical and Dental University

2000 – Graduated at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Graduate School of Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Science

2006 – Established Kohakai Dental Association


  • Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, Specialist
  • Japan Prosthodontic Society, Member
  • Japanese Society of Periodontology, Member
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Part-time Instructor
  • Study Group “Shurenkai”, Member, and improving visibility and viewing angle


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