Essential Disinfectants & Cleaners from Durr Dental

Durr Dental disinfectants and cleaners

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Superior Suction System Disinfection & Cleaning

Durr Orotol Plus Suction System Disinfectant has its roots as the world’s first ever daily dental suction system disinfectant starting in 1965 when supine treatment of dental patients became commonplace. Prior to this, suction systems were a necessary evil often the cause of terrible smells within the clinic due to the bacteria build up in the pipes and equipment. Hand in hand with Orotol Plus is Durr MD 555 Weekly Suction System Cleaner dissolving build up of slime, sludge and prophy powders in the plumbing network; often the cause of slow drainage issues in some clinics. Clean pipework ensures that suction performance is maintained at its highest level. Durr Dental has always insisted on a suction flow rate of 300 litres/min per chair to ensure dental aerosols are eliminated from the clinical environment when combined with our 16mm diameter autoclavable cannulas.

Durr Dental disinfectants and cleaners

Effective and Safe Surface Disinfection

Surface disinfection has become a most critical topic since COVID-19 entered the world stage. Durr FD 333 is our fully virucidal surface disinfectant (available in liquid and wipes) and recommended by various leading brand equipment manufacturers and Durr FD 366 Sensitive is our limited virucidal surface disinfectant (also available in liquid and wipes) especially designed for sensitive surfaces such as plastics, acrylic glass, operating light covers, chair & headrest upholsteries. FD 366 is Durr’s “Go To” product for all surface applications as it has the widest acceptance by most major equipment manufacturers.

Dental Upholstery Cleaning and Care

Durr Dental disinfectants and cleaners

Durr FD 360 Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner supplied in a 500 ml spray bottle with 9 x cleaning sponges and 1 x Special Cloth to clean and preserve the suppleness of the upholstery for both dental patient treatment units and the doctor’s and assistant’s stools. The sponges provide a “deep cleaning” effect removing the most stubborn dirt and stains from the pores of the upholstery and the special cloth is most suited to well-maintained or newer upholsteries including those with stitched upholstery. Overall, the net result is upholstery that does not dry or crack over the lifetime of the chair when combining Durr disinfectants with our vinyl upholstery cleaner.  

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