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The dental handpiece is one of the most fundamental instruments used in dental practices. The gradual evolution of the handpiece has seen this tool improve the efficiency of everyday dental treatment enhancing both clinician and patient experience. Although air-driven turbines are widely accepted in most dental practices, there is a growing trend towards electric handpieces. In an article published in the October 2015 Dental Products Report, Dr. Lorne Lavine provides the following five key reasons of why electric handpieces are on the rise:

  • Electric handpieces are light and ergonomic;
  • Electric handpieces have a capability for greater torque;
  • Electric handpieces have less noise than your air-turbine driven handpieces;
  • Fewer repairs are required therefore saving you money; and
  • Electric handpieces have a higher degree of dependability.

Dr. Amit Gurbuxani MRACDS(DPH), MDPPH(UWA), BDSc

With these benefits in mind, here are some thoughts from Dr Amit and his experience with NSK’s red band handpieces.

NSK Ti-Max Z95L and Z45L

By Dr Amit Gurbuxani, Mi Dental, Perth, WA

With electric motors this is undoubtedly the best handpiece on the market at present. I use this handpiece for practically every procedure; from a simple filling to the more complex inlay/onlays and crown preparations.

What’s good about it?

One of the main problems with red band handpieces in the past was the weight. Hence, using them for long procedures was a strain on the wrist and fingers. The Ti-Max handpiece bodies are made of solid titanium, which is 30 per cent lighter than stainless steel. This makes them as light as normal air-driven handpieces but with all the advantages of an electric handpiece.

Another great advantage I have found in the Ti-Max Z95L is that it has a smaller head and slimmer neck. This improves visualisation in those hard to see areas in the posterior of the mouth necessary when performing technique sensitive tasks in dentistry.

A final feature, which I personally feel deserves a mention, is the Quattro spray. Not only does it prevent overheating of the handpiece and the tooth that you are working on, but the four-directional spray makes visualisation in indirect procedures so much easier in your mirror as compared to a unidirectional spray. It’s a small feature but definitely time-saving, by reducing the fogging or your mirror. This Quattro spray can make all the difference to a busy clinician.

Our practice is big on minimally invasive dentistry and I find that the Ti Max Z45L, which is an electric (conta-angle) handpiece from NSK, helps provide me access to hard-to-reach molars that a standard contra-angle simply cannot match. Which in turn allows a minimal preparation of a tooth due to the greater access that I can get with the Z45L.

What’s not so good?

The initial investment and the future maintenance are expensive. But no more so than any other comparable good quality red band handpiece from a reputable company.

Where did you get it?

They are available from a lot of different suppliers such as Gunz, Medident and Dentavision.

Visit NSK.


Dr. Amit Gurbuxani is a general dentist who completed his dental degree ‘Summa Cum Laude’ in 2004 and commenced work in full-time private practice. He then went on to do his Master’s in Dental Public and Primary Health with honours under an Australian Government Scholarship from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and was awarded his Membership with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (MRACDS) in the field of Dental Public Health in 2011. Dr. Gurbuxani is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Australia and has held the position of Clinical Co-ordinator for undergraduate final year BDSc students and Student-Patient Co-ordinator at UWA dental School. He is also a serving member of the Western Australian Dental foundation (WADF) council, Western ADA (WA) Branch Council and the Co-chair of the Student-Liaison and Recent Graduate, Australian Dental Association (ADA) WA Branch committee. Amit also runs a private CBD general practice at ‘Mi Dental’, in Perth since 2014 and has a special interest in minimally invasive dentistry, Laser applications in dentistry, utilisation of Piezoelectric energy in dentistry and extended applications of composite resin in tooth rehabilitation. In addition to dentistry he has a passion for reading and kayaking. Dr. Amit Gurbuxani MRACDS(DPH), MDPPH(UWA), BDSc

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