DHSV recognised for going ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’

DHSV beyond the call of duty
DHSV CEO Susan McKee

Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) has received special recognition from the International Hospital Federation (IHF) for its response to the coronavirus pandemic as part of the “IHF Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19” program for its demonstrated initiative, agility and an incredible capacity to innovate under extraordinary circumstances.

“Dental Health Services Victoria is privileged and honoured to receive special recognition for its COVID-19 response action plan, by the International Hospital Federation’s ‘Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19 Program,” DHSV CEO Susan McKee said.

“The IHF Review Committee found that DHSV demonstrated outstanding efforts in proactively responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has been an extraordinarily challenging year,” McKee added. “This recognition is a tribute to our staff, consumers, and stakeholders, for their exceptional leadership, hard work, commitment and perseverance to keep everybody safe.”

DHSV joins 103 hospitals, health services providers and healthcare workers worldwide who went ‘beyond the call of duty’ in providing exceptional service and dedication amid the pandemic.  

DHSV used COVID as a catalyst to improve services and outcomes, with innovations including enhancement of clinical and service delivery models to reflect the principles of value-based healthcare; the introduction of the electronic oral health record and integrated telehealth capabilities; digital innovation leading to paperless systems and processes; and reviewing low-value services and refining patient-facing processes to better support patients along their oral health journey. 

“A strong consultative and collaborative approach and adoption of shared decision-making principles was crucial to the successful implementation of these activities,” McKee said.   


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