Dentists applaud support for kids’ dental health

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has welcomed the Senate’s move to disallow the Australian government’s reduction of the amount that low income children can claim for treatment under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

The government late last year indicated that they planned to reduce the amount disadvantaged families can claim for their children’s dental care by 30 per cent: from $1,000 to $700.

“The ADA is pleased that the motion to disallow has been raised in the Senate”, said ADA president Dr Hugo Sachs. “The CDBS is a good scheme that should not have its funding cap reduced.

Dr Sachs added that the CDBS has been subject to two government reviews and that both found the scheme has helped children in low income families access dental care. The reviews also indicated that uptake would be greater if it was better promoted.

“If the motion to disallow the reduction in the cap fails,” said Dr Sachs, “more than one in four children who use the scheme—around 250,000 children—will not get all of their treatment needs met. They will be worse off.

“The ADA urges all senators to support this motion and show that in 2017 there will be no reduction in support for children’s dental health.”

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  1. These days it has been seen everywhere about kids dental health support or promote. Indeed this is good for children but we should remember that huge numbers of adults are also having the worst dental health. Anyway, my mean to say is that The Australian Dental Association should also show some support for adults.

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