Dental team members to be represented with one voice

dental team

At the recent joint meeting of the ADOHTA National Council and the DHAA Board in Sydney, both organisations reaffirmed the strong desire to represent dental hygienists, dental therapists and oral health therapists with a unified voice.

To achieve this goal, it was unanimously decided that work would commence immediately to explore ways to create a new association for the profession. 

Consultation with members and stakeholders through surveys and focus groups will be conducted to collect ideas and identify potential barriers towards this process. 

A working group of ADOHTA councillors and DHAA Board members will meet in January 2020 to review the consultation reports and determine the next steps.

State and Territory committees have already established many joint CPD events and further planning for 2020 are in progress.

Directors of ADOHTA and DHAA are excited about the prospect of creating a new organisation that provides a strong unified voice for the profession, and consolidates expertise and resources to promote oral health and strive for excellence in dental care to all Australians.


  1. I made the suggestion in the past, that a strategy for raising the profile of our profession in the general community ( and to update legislation in the process) is to lobby for ‘Dental Practitioners’ , not just ‘Dentists’ to be on list of people that can sign/witness affidavits etc. Even teachers and bank tellers are listed and I’m sure the list of upstanding community groups has never been updated since the 1950s!


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