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The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that Core Practice is a real game-changer. Both multifunctional and intuitive, this dental management system is improving dental businesses across Australia. Its easy online booking system can be made available to patients 24/7 while cloud-hosting allows patient information to be securely accessed at any time on any device. 

Undoubtedly, we are living in times of great uncertainty—and practices need to respond quickly. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia went from business-as-usual to a complete lockdown in just three weeks. 

When situations change so dramatically, practice owners need an online dental management system that is flexible, adaptable and customisable—and Core Practice is the perfect solution.

Discover the advantages

At Core Practice, our entire development team reside in Australia, living and breathing the local dental market. When the COVID-19 lockdown negatively impacted on dental businesses, we felt your pain and developed ways to support your practices through these unprecedented times. Our team responded by rapidly developing features to meet the demands of dentists and owners. 

Here, we benefited from collaboration with our strong community forum. All users have a voice and any requests for improvements are taken as a priority.

In less than two weeks, we added a range of capabilities to the Core Practice system so dentists could meet all compliance requirements of a COVIDSafe practice. 

Updates included:

  • Health Warning Displays to reduce the risk of sick patients booking an appointment online.
  • Display Messages to inform patients as to why the practice closed during lockdown.
  • A Health Warning Triage questionnaire to gather information about the current health of patients. Online bookings are rejected if the patient is deemed an unacceptable risk. 

Streamlined and flexible

Core Practice management system allows dental practices to move one step closer to becoming a paperless operation. While the environmental benefits are obvious, it’s almost essential during a pandemic. A paperless business means there is a dramatic reduction of paper/pen touch points between patients and staff. 

Our management system sends online Medical History Forms to the patient to be completed at home. Obtaining all the required information prior to the appointment streamlines the process and ensures there is no double entry. The patient can book their appointment online using a simple and intuitive interface. 

The COVID-19 Declaration Form is also sent to the patient to be completed at home. This ensures that high risk patients do not enter the premises of the clinic.

At present, there is no timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine. Social distancing, reduced physical contact, increased infection controls and personal protective equipment are now the new normal. Core Practice allows dental businesses to operate effectively no matter what pandemic requirements are instituted. 

Online security

By utilising cloud-hosting, Core Practice puts an end to unreliable servers while providing unlimited storage and User Account access. When staff members work from home—whatever the reason—they can log in to the system and complete online tasks as if it was a normal day in the office.

The highest levels of security are part and parcel of Core Practice, starting with fully encrypted channels that make data unreadable except on your browser.

Recent security improvements include online activity monitoring, user logins restricted to clinic or home locations and times of day, email notification when security settings are updated, and email notifications when new devices log in.

Core Practice has also added a two-step authentication option. Each user logs in with a username and password, then enters a code sent to their mobile by SMS. This procedure can be made compulsory if required.

Core Practice is dedicated to making dental practice management simpler, streamlined and accessible while maintaining high-level security.  

If you are looking to improve your practice management system, talk to the team at Core Practice about our cloud-based system, in which simplicity meets efficiency. 

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