CSU expands through rural NSW


As part of the ongoing growth of Charles Sturt University’s new dental school, In about a fortnight staff from a public dental clinic in Dubbo will move into a new, $8 million clinic in River Street which has been built through a partnership between New South Wales Health and Charles Sturt (CSU) and Sydney Universities.

The North Dubbo dentistry unit includes learning areas and a 16 chair public dental service. It will officially open its doors on October 18 however the first undergraduates from the universities will not start their practical placements until next year.

Dr Sabrina Manicomb from CSU’s dentistry program said hands-on learning is crucial for students.

“Students have to learn and this is not a new model, students have been learning along these lines across the country for many many years, that’s how we all trained,” she said “I think the only inconvenience that I suppose patients may experience is the fact that what would take a general practitioner maybe half an hour to an hour to do would take a student a lot longer to do.”

The idea of the school in a rural university is to encourage local students to stay and practice in central western NSW.

Dr Manicomb said similar partnerships in Wagga Wagga and Orange-in buildings constructed on campus for CSU’s dental school-have been popular with local residents.

“The patients, I think, are keen to encourage these young students to study out here because the hope is, and this is the whole reason behind what we’re doing at CSU, is to encourage these young graduates to stay in the region and provide good dental services and increase the current workforce issues that we’re facing.”

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