CS 9600 and CS 3D Imaging


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Software Functionality is Key to Workflow Efficiency says Dr David Bensoussan

Intuitive, endodontic-specific functionality

There’s one thing that Dr Bensoussan values more than CBCT imaging: the software that enables him to manipulate his 3D images. For the endodontist, it’s crucial for diagnosis and treatment. “I need to be able to navigate into the failed canal with my mouse and re-orient the plans permanently depending on the roots that we examine,” he said. “It’s not a static examination; it’s a dynamic one.”

If that imaging software is user friendly, even better. This is exactly what Dr Bensoussan found with Carestream Dental’s CS 3D Imaging software, which came with his new CBCT system, the CS 9600. “It’s very intuitive, compared to all the other software I have worked with,” said Dr Bensoussan. “When a patient comes in with a cone beam volume acquired somewhere else, I simply retrieve the DICOM files and read them. However, when I have to use another imaging software, it is very problematic. For endodontics, other software programs are practically unusable; they’re too complicated, and we cannot follow a canal or see the apical foramen as we would like. An image that I cannot explore confidently is of no use to me. I prefer to take another volume with the CS 9600.”

Dr Bensoussan speculates that other imaging software may be better adapted to implantology and surgery rather than endodontics. “And on this aspect,” he said, “the 3D software from Carestream Dental is different from any that I’ve ever used. All I need is the native file and I am certain I can run with it.”

Easy patient positioning

As for the imaging system itself, Dr Bensoussan finds the CS 9600—like the imaging software—to be user friendly. “The CS 9600 is very easy to use,” he says. “The interface on the touch screen is quite intuitive. The seat immediately scored points because it greatly facilitates patient positioning.”

The CS 9600 assists the user in positioning a patient for imaging through color codes that light up when the user does not select the accessory appropriate to the exam to be performed. As a result, the positioning aids make it easier for Dr Bensoussan and his staff to successfully capture an image on the first attempt. “And what constitutes undeniable time savings is working with excellent image quality,” he said.

Image quality that makes a real difference

For one case in particular, Dr Bensoussan says that high-image quality was especially beneficial. The periapical X-ray did not reveal the root canal pathway during catheterization on a mandibular molar. What Dr. Bensoussan saw in the CBCT image, however, matched exactly the patient’s anatomy during the root canal filling. “Thanks to the CS 9600, I could see that there was a problem reaching the apex,” said Dr Bensoussan. “The CBCT scan demonstrated that the apical foramen was located on the distal aspect of the distal root, approximately 4 mm from the anatomical apex at a 90-degree angle.

Moreover, a secondary apical foramen could be seen on the distal root at a superior position. This allowed us to follow the shape of the root canal’s physiological pathway and avoid forcing the file out at the level of the radiographic apex.” 

Dr David C. Bensoussan, D.M.D., M.D.

David C. Bensoussan, D.M.D., M.D., a former Assistant Clinical Professor in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics at the Dental School University of Paris, has been a Lecturer for the University of Implantology at the Hospital Saint Joseph in Paris since 1997. A former President of Cercle Parisien d’Endodonlogie Appliquée, and a Founding Member of the International Academy of Endodontics, Dr Bensoussan lectures all over the world and has authored many papers and co-authored several scientific books. Since 1983, Dr Bensoussan has been in private practice, after receiving his Doctor in Dental Surgery, Strasbourg in 1981.  

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