CPD cycle almost over and a new one isn’t starting


CPD cycle almost over and a new one isn’t startingThe current CPD cycle is due to expire on 30 June this year. However, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) said that, unlike in previous years, the new three-year cycle isn’t due to begin immediately after the current one finishes.

In keeping with the announcement last year from The Dental Board of Australia CPD cycles will now match up with annual registration renewals. As per usual renewals will start on 1 December running through to 30 November. The coming CPD cycle will also begin 1 December rather than 1 July. However, CPD cycles will continue to run in three year cycles, and the new one will last until 30 November 2019.

If you haven’t completed your minimum 60 hours of CPD for the current cycle now is the time to do with only a few weeks left to go until 30 June.

Any CPD points earned after 30 June will not count retroactively towards the current cycle. Points earned during this time will be held over until the new cycle begins and count towards the upcoming three-year period.

For more details on the change of CPD cycle visit the Dental Board of Australia’s website.




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