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Drive acquisition while improving patient experience and simplifying your consultation process with the power of AI.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of most industries, including dentistry, and further driven the demand for quality remote services. Patients now expect effective, streamlined and secure virtual options and will often opt for businesses that provide these convenient, tech-driven services. Thankfully, with the power of AI, DentalMonitoring has developed a powerful, yet simple-to-use platform that allows practices to connect with and convert patients at the click of a button. 

SmileMate, the lead and conversion web platform, is an easy-to-use customisable solution that allows practitioners to offer fully remote consultation services. By sending a few intra-oral photos from their smartphones, patients provide enough data to the AI-powered engine to generate a precise initial report on their oral hygiene, as well as treatment recommendations. 

Besides the practical aspect of virtual assessment, SmileMate offers several other undeniable advantages including video consultation, the ability to assess and triage cases for optimised scheduling (either remotely or in-practice); and it opens the door to a whole new level of patient care. These advantages translate into bottom line results, with up to 1 in 4 patients on the platform ultimately starting an orthodontic treatment.*

Customisation is an important tool in driving acquisition and adds value to the patient experience. When patients receive their initial detailed reports, they gain an immediate awareness of their oral health and what treatment options might be available to them. This awareness empowers and supports patients to take an active role in their treatment plans and improves both compliance and treatment outcomes. 

The platform also generates ultra-realistic simulations of patient smiles during and post orthodontic treatment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then SmileMate speaks volumes. Using the patients’ actual teeth. Patients can instantly visualise how their smiles will be transformed with different treatment options (aligners, braces, whitening) in a reassuring and tangible way.

Completely customisable, SmileMate is designed to adapt to your practice’s needs and is an invaluable tool for busy practices. By integrating the acquisition processes into one platform, SmileMate offers a simplified, smoother consultation journey for both patients and practices. Practices can also rest assured that they will have access to a dedicated Success specialist and Customer Support to help assist at every step of the way.  

By adopting this technology, practitioners provide more complete care to their existing and future patients, differentiating their practice through its intuitive, efficient and secure tools.

Thanks to the Virtual Practice solutions, dental care is part of the remote care revolution.

About Dental Monitoring

DentalMonitoring, a company that’s been innovating the field since 2014, is most well-known for its industry-leading automated treatment monitoring tools for orthodontics. Powered by the industry’s largest dental image database (we’ve scanned over 500 million patient photographs!) DentalMonitoring offers the world’s first AI-powered remote dental monitoring technology. DentalMonitoring’s virtual practice solutions provide cutting-edge tools that can assess, qualify,
 triage and monitor patient treatment — remotely. Offering full flexibility, customisation and complete control over your workflow, DentalMonitoring has re-invented the workflow and patient experience.  

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