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clear aligner system
Above: Original Occlusions (right and left) in a female patient.

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Modern treatments, new technology, and patient outlooks have seen positive developments in the orthodontic space. As orthodontic treatment options continue to evolve and grow, particularly in the clear aligner area the choices available to both dentist and patients can get murky about what is best for them.

Another major shift in the orthodontic space is the increase in demand from adult patients seeking dental aesthetics, particularly in this form of treatment. Patients are more educated than ever about products and will often have researched options available to them before deciding on treatment. Clear aligner progression and the broad range of movements and comfort within the products and technology available in this space makes it a very attractive option for adults. The sophistication, predictability, and control of computer-generated treatment plans and individual tooth movements allows dentists to offer a complete range of minimally invasive aesthetic offerings to patients never previously available.

clear aligner system
Above: The progress of the TrioClear case study described below.

The most recent addition to the market is the Modern Dental Group’s TrioClear clear aligner system, which is currently riding the adult dental aesthetic wave. 

The TrioClear™ system uses a 3-step regime that requires patients to change incrementally through different thickness aligners during the treatment period.  TrioClear™ allows more movement per step than most other systems. 

During treatment, patients will gradually and continuously improve their teeth by wearing 3 different clear aligners ranging from soft, medium and hard. The intervals are four days for soft, seven days for medium and 10 days for the hard initially. This reduces over time if the patient is going well. 

The TrioDim Force™ technology is unique to TrioClear™ aligners. Depending on the movement required, the dimples/divot will be designed at very specific locations according to the TrioDim Force™ principles. These TrioDim Spots will help achieve targeted rotation forces without the need for multiple attachments and bumps.

Case Study – Applying TrioClear™

Total number of steps required: 13

Case Description: Class II Dental Malocclusion, Crowding, Asymmetry, Cross Bite, Missing #13 & #23

A 32-year old female patient had crowding issues and asymmetry. Both the canines 13 and 23 were missing. A cross bite was present in the patient. 

The upper anterior crowding was alleviated to improve the constricted smile. The total number of steps required to complete this case was 13. This was a camouflage case, and a lower incisor was extracted to allow retraction of the lower anteriors to produce a positive overjet relationship.

TrioClear is currently available through Southern Cross Dental, who not only brings an extensive understanding in the clear aligner market, but also has over ten years of experience in teaching and training Australasian dentists, as well as having reviewed and provided planning support for over fifteen thousand clear aligner treatment plans. With TrioClear aligners, you can now feel even more comfortable with your choice. You predict accurate results, ensure patient satisfaction, see exceptional margins, and feel comfortable that you’re contributing to a more sustainable future too, with a tree planted for every case. 

To learn more about TrioClear, contact Southern Cross Dental today.  


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