Colgate expands oral health advocacy across ANZ

Oral Health Advocate Community

Colgate recently announced the expansion of its Oral Health Advocate Community. Entering its third term, the community—a collaboration of emerging young oral health professionals—celebrates their growth from five to eight members.

The community aims to provide young oral health professionals with insightful articles and video content covering a range of topics. The content focuses on preventive oral health supported by practical information for young professionals to employ during university studies right through to the practice setting. Advocates drive dialogue on a wide variety of topics including preventive oral health, practice management, social responsibility, career development, mental health, and sustainable dentistry.

“The expansion of the community, reinforces the importance of this initiative to help support young professionals,” said Dr Sue Cartwright, Scientific Affairs & Public Health manager, Colgate Oral Care.

“The community’s collective voice provides peer-to-peer insights for young dental and oral health practitioners, sparks new ideas and encourages young professionals in their career development. The community understands the challenges ‘new recruits’ may be facing, and this initiative continues to provide a valuable resource for them.”

The community brings together young professionals in order to leverage their experience and perspectives for the benefit of the profession. Working with Colgate, the Advocates’ articles will be published on and shared via the Advocates’ social channels.


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