implant planning software

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More than implant planning software.  A practice differentiator.

coDiagnostiX® is a powerful, but easy-to-use digital solution for implant planning and the design of customized and highly precise surgical guides. Benefits include:

  • Improved patient experience. 
  • Quick turnaround times. 
  • Reduced treatment time. 
  • Comprehensive case documentation. 
  • Advanced treatment workflows supported. 

You can benefit from an open system and a completely digital workflow where no scan template is required. The coDiagnostiX® open interface ensures compatibility with all implant and sleeve systems as well as open scanners and manufacturing solutions including CBCT, intraoral, model, and impression scanners, plus open CAD/CAM solutions. The interface also includes a regularly updated library of implant, sleeve, and abutment systems from multiple manufacturers and permits the creation of custom elements to meet individual needs. 

caseXchange™: Communication platform for coDiagnostiX users. 

caseXchange™ lets you send case data to laboratories to produce surgical guides and/or provide related services. You can also exchange case data with a colleague to get a second opinion or additional advice and there is also a coDiagnostiX iPad app that allows you to send case data for presentation to the patient. 

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