Choosing the best digital imaging solution

Acteon equipment
Award-winning X-Mind Unity and Sopix sensor.

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Equipping your practice with digital imaging equipment can seem like a daunting task, but not if you know the essential criteria needed to make an informed choice. Start by choosing a manufacturer who can supply technically superior products and software, plus know-how and technical support – all backed by a local dealer network.

Things to consider when buying:

1. Image quality

2. Digital workflow

3. Service and support

One brand of digital imaging equipment stands alone in meeting all these key criteria.

Acteon® – which incorporates the pioneering SOPRO® and de Götzen brands – has developed or acquired the leading global technology in the field of medical and dental digital imaging, resulting in benchmark levels of image quality and seamless integration of all its digital devices.

Image quality

Aceton equipment
X-mind Unity control panel.

Striking image quality and contrast allows more accurate diagnosis and informed decision-making. It also leads to greater patient involvement and case acceptance.

Acteon equipment has set new benchmarks in speed. The compact yet powerful PSPIX2® phosphor plate scanner processes an image in just 12 seconds making it almost instantly available to view and share with the patient.

Importantly, each Acteon and Sopro digital imaging component works seamlessly together through Acteon Imaging Suite (software), without the integration headaches and buck-passing of using separate equipment providers and software solutions.

Digital workflow

Acteon Imaging 2D & 3D images can be easily shared across both Windows and MAC platforms and also integrate with third party applications including practice management software and specialist surgical programs.

High-resolution and detailed digital images, together with a streamlined digital workflow have been shown to improve the speed and confidence of diagnosis, producing more predictable outcomes.

Acteon Imaging Suite (AIS) has an intuitive interface that allows easy access to images, plus powerful inbuilt tools depending on the application, including the ability to perform biometric calculations and full reporting to guide your surgery. AIS also enables the importation of images from implant databases or optical scanners in STL format.

Aceton equipment
The PSPIX phosphor image plate unit

Reduced radiation

Acteon’s minimally invasive solutions boast greatly reduced radiation emissions thanks to the patented Automatic Controlled Exposure (ACE) technology found in Sopix sensors, allowing you to control patient exposure to radiation and record the dosage in Sopro Imaging. This may become a future requirement for radiography users as it is in other countries.

Acteon’s ACE technology automatically adjusts dosage to patient morphology. The benefit is reduced X-ray emissions, greater safety and no more over-exposed images.

The Red Dot award-winning X-mind X-ray generator head is stylish and easy to position. It comes in a range of arm lengths to suit surgeries of different sizes.

Image acquisition systems

Acteon offers the choice of Sopix® digital sensors for almost instant image acquisition critical for some procedures, or the revolutionary PSPIX phosphor image plate unit. The PSPIX2 is the fastest and most compact phosphor plate scanner available, processing images in just seconds! Different size flexible phosphor plates also make the PSPIX2 better suited to smaller and younger patients with limited mouth openings.

Service and support

Acteon and Sopro X-ray machines, scanners and intraoral cameras are available through A-dec – one of Australia’s largest and most respected dealer networks. Acteon also has a technical expert and a manufacturer’s presence in Sydney for extra support and peace of mind. 

Contact A-dec on 1800 225 010 more info. 


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