Change is not a choice, it’s a necessity


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The rate of change and keeping up with technology provides challenges and opportunities. At Centaur (with Dental4Windows) we strive, through listening to you, to assist you to navigate through these fast-moving times with relevant solutions.  

Patient centric 

We understand the most important element in your practice is the patient. We are developing a range of products and services to enhance your relationship with your patient. The relationship has changed and patients now have higher expectations that need to be fulfilled if you wish to convert them to loyal patients. 


It is important that practices engage with patients utilising the channels that patients use. If you’ve been wondering how to get more patients into your dental practice, then you should look to attract millennials. Millennials represent a great opportunity for dental practices to expand and develop a new long-term patient base. But to attract them, you have to update the methods you use to engage with them. 

A strong online presence is required to attract patients 

If there’s one thing that ties practically all millennials together (and these days most adults under 50), it’s their affinity for the internet and social media, so having a strong online presence is a must. Of course, you should have a website for your practice. It doesn’t have to be flashy but it has to be fast, well-designed, beautiful and easy to navigate. It also has to be mobile-friendly, as most are connected via their mobile devices. To convert that online traffic to actual patients, you need an integrated online patient booking system.

You’re open and convenient for patients 24/7 with an online booking system 

Unlike other online booking systems, eAppointments has been designed to work in a busy dental practice in conjunction with practice workflows. It is fully integrated with D4W so it is a seamless transition from booking to appointment and is easy to manage. Many D4W practices are making booking appointments more convenient for their patients with eAppointments.   

Making the practice experience more customer friendly 

eForms makes the onerous tasks of filling out forms so much easier with the patient’s information prepopulated for faster completion. There is the convenience of filling it out on an iPad in the practice or in their home before their appointment via a URL link. It is much more customer-friendly (and efficient) than pen and paper. And you’ll find the information more accurate as it flows straight into D4W. And to make your practice even more customer friendly, we’ve launched Sara—a customer self-check-in facility utilising a touch-screen iPad.

Connecting your practice to your patients—D4W Connected

D4W Connected is a range of integrated products and services that we are bringing to you to enable your practice to better manage your processes and add value and success to your business.

We will be adding new D4W Connected partners on an ongoing basis. There will be a D4W Marketing Module to allow you to automate your customer communication, including recalls and provide high-quality printed and electronic personalised marketing material to targeted patients.

There will be a range of new payment claiming systems from ANZ and Tyro, alternatives to HICAPS, providing you with the choice as to who suits your business best. And much more… 

Already National Dental Plan, powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay, is Australia’s first Dental PMS integrated patient payment plan. It’s making dentistry more affordable in hundreds of D4W practices.

We’re changing so you can succeed 

To keep Australian dental practices up to date with the evolving landscape, a range of new features have been implemented in our recent D4W i5 version, including free integrated Practice Analytics. There is also automation for recalls, reminders and debtors to increase practice efficiency and your profitability; DVA claiming and computerised prescribing. The continuing range of new features, cloud option, eServices and award-winning support and maintenance all combine to make Dental4Windows the No. 1 choice of Australia’s leading dentists. And with D4W GO, we have the perfect online dental software solution for new practices.

To learn more about Dental4Windows, Australia’s leading practice management software, call 1300 855 966 or go to 

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