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CBCT technology
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Cone Beam CT technology (CBCT) offers clinicians and specialists a range of options for diagnosis, treatment planning and patient consultation within a seamless, efficient workflow. Also, CBCT offers unparalleled diagnostic image quality at the lowest reasonable dose, while being intuitive and easy to use.

One of the challenges of CBCT imaging and diagnosis is lack of familiarity with the concept of multiplanar imaging that this technology offers. Diagnostic imaging in different planes is a fairly new concept and may require a novel view of the imaging data. While it offers the ability to increase diagnostic efficiency, the key to its success lies in education.


It up to the dental professional to uncover and discuss with the patient the information related to each case. In other words, diagnostic efficiency is based on more than sound knowledge of anatomy, it depends upon skills to retrieve relevant diagnostic information.

Maximising success through education

Given that the implementation success of CBCT is closely linked to education, Dentsply Sirona has developed a two-step educational pathway which includes a CBCT Jumpstart and progresses to CBCT Radiography and Application course.

Once a clinician or specialist invests in CBCT, a comprehensive range of training and education pathways is available. This includes in-house training on hardware and software.

The key benefit of an introductory courses is that participants learn about the anatomy within CBCT which gives them confidence in diagnosis and better case acceptance with patients. Educational tools including lifetime in-house training, training videos and access to libraries are cemented with the CBCT Jumpstarts which provide a basis to improve clinician confidence.

This foundational course is hands-on and offered initially at the practice and subsequently for staff and new clinicians to a practice, and at Dentsply Sirona’s Centres for Dentistry in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. In other geographical locations, support is available often in smaller groups where the focus includes integration and software application training. The additional benefit of having ongoing training for new staff ensures that the investment is protected and returns maintained at the same level.

CBCT Anatomy and Application courses

CBCT technology
Hands-on training is available to all clinicians who have invested in CBCT.

The CBCT hands-on training provides the foundation for extending the clinician’s knowledge and comfort through the delivery of foundational education content.  This is supported by the CBCT Anatomy and Application Courses.

This year, the program welcomes Prof. Don Tyndall, Professor of Diagnostic Sciences at the UNC School of Dentistry and the Director of Radiology for the School of Dentistry since 1988 who also serves as the Director for two pre-doctoral radiology courses.

Prof Tyndall will be running the course along with Dr Hugh Fleming, key ANZ expert on CBCT Radiography and Application. Dr Fleming has been using CBCT for eight years and offers insights on a peer-to-peer level.

Dentsply Sirona further cements its position as the leader in Dental Education by offering this opportunity to engage with a globally recognised clinical educator, as well as local experts in their world class Centres for Dentistry.

Why is it important?

Research indicates that education needs to be a part of your investment when you are moving into CB technology. This optimal solution ensures that an investment in CBCT accompanies by an investment in your own education will improve practice lifestyle, as patients understand and accept treatment recommendations and are more content with their experience.

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