Geistlich: Differentiating Between Extraction Sockets and How to Approach Them

Fig 1 – An overview of the 5 types of classifications described by the authors.

What factors really matter? An overview of Treatment of Extraction Sockets: A New Classification by Prof Ki-Tae Koo Post-extraction management in the past predominantly consisted of “spontaneous healing”, when the socket was simply allowed to heal without intervention. Extraction socket […]

NobelActive: The very foundation of aesthetics

Figure 1: The beauty beneath the surface NobelActive is scientifically designed from the ground up for long-term stability and tissue preservation, essential to the lasting esthetics that clinicians and patients demand.

NobelActive is an implant scientifically designed from the ground up for primary stability and tissue preservation, which are essential to the lasting aesthetics that patients demand. Providing the foundation for aesthetics is its underlying beauty, now backed by over a […]

Make implant treatment more accurate and predictable

implant treatmentSimplant supports the dental professional from start to finish, which saves time and money, makes the treatment easier and secures the desired long-term treatment result.

This article is sponsored content brought to you by Dentsply Sirona. The cost-effective and user-friendly Simplant for computer guided implant treatment supports clinicians with everything from dental scanning and planning to drilling, implant placement and temporary restorations. The upsides include […]

Cleaning teeth and implants faster: Air polishing and what it can mean for your practice

air polishingCarol Tran Bio Carol is an Oral Health Therapist with more than eight years of clinical, teaching and research experience. She is completing her PhD on ‘Dental Implant Debridement methods’ at the University of Queensland. During this time, she has been award numerous grants and scholarships. Carol has worked across public, private, general and specialist practice in Victoria and Queensland. She has a special interested in the non-surgical management of periodontal and dental implant diseases.

This article is sponsored content brought to you by NSK. Air polishing in dentistry was first marketed in the 1950s as an effective alternative to prophylaxis. This combination of compressed air, a fine powder (traditionally sodium bicarbonate) mixed with water […]