Carestream Dental Cone Beam CT: Diagnose and treat with greater confidence

dental cone beam CT
Dr Kyle Shank, D.D.S.

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When patients come to Dr Shank with a dental problem, they typically don’t have to wait long for a solution. That’s because Dr Shank prefers a workflow that enables him to present treatment plans to his patients while they are still in the chair. Instead of referring them out for a scan and waiting for a follow-up visit to review it, Dr Shank has the capability in-house to see all the anatomical detail necessary to make a diagnosis, thanks to the Carestream Dental CS 9300 CBCT and panoramic imaging system.

“The pathology that is visible with this system is remarkable,” said Dr Shank. “I am able to see the full extent of a problem and diagnose accordingly with complete confidence.” His patients find the CS 9300’s images to be very impressive, informative, and persuasive. They can see for themselves the status of their clinical situation and quickly comprehend Dr Shank’s treatment plan.

dental cone beam CT
The Carestream Dental CS 9300

“After using CBCT for over a year now, I am able to clearly see so many things I could not see on my 2D images, like missed canals in endodontic-treated teeth, unpredictable and hard-to-see root-canal anatomy and difficult-to-identify pathology.”

With multiple selectable fields of view, the Carestream Dental CS 9300 covers a broad range of clinical applications. Dr Shank can capture the area of interest that he needs to confidently diagnose even the most difficult cases. “We had a patient who was thrown from a motorcycle, and we were able to identify a fractured maxilla,” said Dr Shank. “Our 2D images didn’t show the full extent of the fracture, but with 3D imaging, we were able to more accurately diagnose the condition and go in with a much more definitive game plan for how to treat this patient.

“Before I had the CS 9300, I didn’t attempt certain cases due to a lack of detailed information. Now with more information in three dimensions, I know that I can do some of those cases.”

Since he acquired the CS 9300, the number of implant surgeries Dr Shank performs has increased dramatically. He chalks this up to one thing: confidence. “I am more confident going into the surgery because I’ve already seen the bone three-dimensionally and planned the case out ahead of time, and my patients are more confident because of what they’re seeing” he said.

When asked what his patients think of the new system, Dr Shank said, “They are very impressed by the technology we have incorporated into our office. It sets us apart from other practices in the area and demonstrates our desire to provide the highest quality of care possible. Purchasing the Carestream Dental CS 9300 system has been the single best technology purchase I have made since I’ve been in practice, from both a medico-legal and profitability standpoint.”

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