Biowell Infection Control: Technology breakthrough

ozone infection control
Powerful, effective, safe and easy to install, Biowell Infection Control is chemical-free and prevents bugs in a dental practice.

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MINT Devices has introduced the most advanced ozone infection control technology available in Australia 

There has never really been a successful method of eliminating biofilm that accumulates in dental water lines. Left untreated, dental unit water lines (DUWL) can contain an excess of 100,000 CFU/ml. In the past, dentists tried to address the problem by running bleach and other chemicals through the lines. Unfortunately, biofilm is resistant to chemical intervention.

The problem is that the water passing through the 20-odd lines in an average dental chair flows at a very low rate and becomes stagnant. The naturally occurring microbes in water form biofilm that can cause all sorts of problems for patients and dental staff.


“There was an old saying—don’t be the first patient in the dental chair on a Monday,” says Tony Tomevski, owner and director of MINT Devices. “People were aware that all the bugs breeding in the water lines over the weekend had the potential to make you sick.”

MINT (Minimally Invasive New Technologies) Devices has created Biowell Infection Control to solve the problem of biofilm. This electrolytic ozone water treatment technology is a simple, easy-to-use system that eliminates pathogens from a municipal water supply.

“Ozone’s not new but what is new is the iEOG (Indirect Electrolytic ozone generator) technology that we bring to the dental industry,” says Tomevski. “Flushing ozonated water through the lines renders the water sterile and eliminates microbes that have the capability of forming biofilm.”

Biowell Infection Control is simple to fit and use—all that is needed is water and power. The unit is installed to mains water and can be positioned in any room where power and water is available; most common installation for the point-of-use CDU systems is in the steri room. 

The unit constantly checks the quality of the water and minimal maintenance is required. The ozonated water can be plumbed into the dentist’s chair and can also be used as an oral rinse, for handwashing and to pre-rinse instruments for autoclaving.

“One common complaint in dental surgeries is that no-one wants to clean the plaster trap because they breed a lot of nasty bugs and they really stink,” says Tomevski. “Surgeries that have the Biowell machine positioned above the plaster trap have the smell disappear in 24 hours. Now, obviously, eliminating the smell and bacteria in a plaster trap is a much tougher job than treating water lines.”

The ozonated water created by Biowell Infection Control is powerful, effective and safe. It disinfects 3000 times faster than chlorine and is several hundred times stronger than hydrogen peroxide. Yet it remains perfectly safe for patients to ingest as it reverts to oxygen, is environmentally friendly and assists in the protection of dental staff. 

With the rise of the new breed of superbugs coupled with antibiotic-resistant bugs breeding in sinks and water supplies, infection control is an absolute necessity. Biowell Infection Control is an effective way to eliminate biofilm and create a healthier working environment for patients and staff. There are no harsh chemicals, it eliminates clogging and dramatically reduces the chance of inhaled microorganisms. To top it off, the maintenance for the unit is minimal—annual parts replacement and a major service every three years.

“The Biowell Infection Control system is a paradigm shift for the dental industry,” said Tomevski. “It’s completely chemical-free and the only byproduct is oxygen. It’s a very impressive product that’s extremely efficient and provides a solution to a major problem and the end result is bacteria- and virus-free water for your staff and patients.”

Maintaining the safety of dental unit waterlines has never been so easy.

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