Bioconcept offers an affordable alternative

affordable implants
Dr Hocking and his wonderful assistant Emiko placing a Bioconcept implant

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Dentists across Australia and New Zealand are now enjoying access to far more affordable implants and componentry, which are 100% compatible with existing dental implant systems such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, and Osstem. Sydney dentist Dr Nicholas Hocking established Bioconcept Australia after becoming frustrated that dentists had been grossly overpaying for European implants and components which are manufactured for a fraction of the price for which they are sold. Australian dentists are now purchasing the generic version of a Straumann or Osstem implant for $170 instead of paying over $800 for the branded product.

affordable implants
Dr Hocking

When Dr Hocking became aware of a high-quality dental implant system being manufactured by Bioconcept in China, he saw an opportunity to offer dentists an affordable alternative to the expensive European implant systems, with no compromise in quality. He visited China and was impressed to discover that a senior Johnson & Johnson medical engineer cleverly took steps to emulate Straumann’s excellent implant system the moment Straumann’s patent had expired, giving rise to the Bioconcept system. He was also amazed to learn that a major European implant company attempted to subcontract the manufacture of its components to Bioconcept, the quality was so good, and that Bioconcept uses the same supplier of grade IV titanium in the production of its implants, as is used by the Straumann branded equivalent. 


Dr Hocking, who has placed over 10,000 implants (most of which have been Straumann implants), says; “The excuse that Australian practitioners should have to pay for research and development for these branded European implants has had its day, and the price of implants and componentry has become absurd compared to other medical sectors. The prohibitive costs mean that Australian patients are potentially missing out on the most appropriate treatment for their oral health. It was obvious to me that the market was ripe for disruption by a much more fairly priced implant manufactured to the same exacting standards as European implants.”

Dr Hocking is a strong advocate for the SLA surface introduced by Straumann in 2002, which he says has gained enormous popularity due to its long-term, predictable success rates. Bioconcept uses the same surface, and Dr Hocking says:

Bioconcept impression copings are also completely radio-opaque, allowing clearer verification of seating of the impression coping prior to impression taking, unlike the problematic radiolucent alloy used for the Straumann coping.”

Dr Hocking likes to say: “If I have to have an implant in my mouth, make it a tissue level implant with an SLA surface—something that Bioconcept does beautifully.”

With the introduction of far more affordable implants, Dr Hocking’s hope is that: 

1. Australian patients will be less likely to take trips to overseas clinics to receive complex dental treatment with very little access to review if things don’t go as planned, and instead, they will receive quality treatment from their local Australian dentist with all its obvious advantages; 

2. Dentists will be less pressured to prepare neighbouring tooth structure for a fixed tooth-supported bridge where an implant-supported restoration could be provided at a reduced biologic and far more economical cost to the patient and dentist; and 

3. Implant hardware costs will be far more affordable so that dentists can avoid compromised treatment plans which use a reduced number of implants for treatments such as ‘All on Four’. 

Do your patients a favour and place six implants instead – you know you’ll get a more predictable outcome. Talk about win-win!

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