Best-practice approach to ergonomics in dental design


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Do you pay close attention to ergonomics in the design of your dental environment?

Elite believes that your practice will reap more benefits than you might think. Research shows that over 50 per cent of dentists experience chronic lower back pain over the course of their career.  Dentistry is the fourth most likely occupation to result in a musculoskeletal disorder, primarily due to a dentist’s posture and the dental practice’s design itself.


At Elite, we make a point of designing your joinery and floorplans with ergonomics in mind. Foresight when configuring your practice floorplan also goes a long way; realistic (and even generous) spatial allowances in treatment rooms enable dentists and staff to move freely, without limitation, around their client during consultations. Specially designed ergonomic dental stools and patient chairs promote and enforce ideal posture and positioning throughout appointments, for patients and dentists alike.

Streamlining the functionality of your dental environment in accordance with ergonomically-positive choices results in increased productivity, patient satisfaction, and, most importantly, happy and healthy staff.

Ideal ergonomic practice environments shouldn’t be the result of ‘good luck’ or ‘happy accidents’ in your clinic’s design—it’s essential.

Talk to Elite Fitout Solutions today to make informed choices for your new dental environment today.




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