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JENNIE FEARON, DCP, Head Nurse at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre and Moor Care Dental discusses her ethos for delivering exceptional patient care.

I have several responsibilities in the two practices I work in, including the management of a team of 15 staff members. It’s a busy role that I really enjoy, focusing on the efficient and effective delivery of exceptional patient care. Both practices have different needs, but we take pride in offering friendly professional services, working closely with patients to ensure they get the best possible result in a safe and caring environment.

Fundamentally, at the heart of everything we do is patient safety.  Advances in dental equipment technologies have empowered us to develop safer treatment processes while realising efficiencies.


Trust and professionalism

If you consider your surgery as the heart of your practice, the decontamination room is the vital artery that enables it to function.

Every surgery requires a continuous flow of instruments to enable it to operate efficiently and to its maximum potential. Its efficient operation impacts on every area of the practice.  Patients too, have a right to trust that we are making decontamination and infection control a top priority. Today’s patients are asking for reassurance about infection control standards within our practices. We are open and transparent about our rigorous procedures and protocols. 

To help us deliver the most effective instrument flow in our practices, we need to use cleaning and decontamination equipment that not only stands up to extensive repeated use, but also delivers outstanding results, while protecting valuable instrumentation.

Effective process

Our autoclave of choice is the NSK iClave plus as it is quick, reliable and cost-effective.

The iClave plus has a large chamber volume that is 20 per cent higher than comparable systems. Fast cycles of less than 20 minutes make a considerable difference to instruments turnaround and the overall efficiency of the practices, saving us time and money. The iClave plus is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump enabling total air expulsion. This makes it possible to reliably sterilise any kind of material, including the internal surfaces of handpieces. Moreover, the pump generates forced ventilation and perfect drying.

Delivering hospital-standard sterilisation, we have found the iClave plus very easy to use. It’s fully automatic, equipped with pre-adjusted programmes, that can perform the Bowie & Dick and Helix tests as specified in HTM 01-05. Additionally, the iClave plus has an integrated printer and USB key to document cycle performance. Using the NSK iCare and iClave plus has allowed us to ensure a highly efficient workflow. It also helping us to meet the decontamination needs of the practices whilst protecting our investment in good quality handpieces and equipment.

We are confident our patients are receiving the highest possible care. We really value working with NSK as they have a team of highly-trained Product Specialists, most of whom have come from a dental background, and they are always on hand to offer advice, training or support. NSK also have a dedicate in-house factory trained team to service and repair NSK equipment with genuine NSK parts. This gives us confidence as we are working with a reliable and trusted supplier who is interested in our long-term success.

NSK iClave sterilisation system

Made from the most advanced materials and components, the NSK iClave plus sterilisation system combines a compact and elegant design with hospital standard performance.

Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that enables total air expulsion, the NSK iClave plus reliably sterilises all types of instruments and equipment including the internal surfaces of handpieces in less than 20 minutes. Moreover, the pump generates a ‘forced’ ventilation to deliver perfectly dry instruments at the end of the sterilisation process.

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