Appy days


The new G.U.M playA new app could help kids find the fun in brushing their teeth. Sunstar, a Japanese company has invented a new device that clips on to the bottom a toothbrush and links to your smart phone as a videogame controller.

The connector, known as G.U.M, is designed to sync with an app on either an Android or iOS device. The app works as a reader for news or game setup that is controlled by your toothbrush.

The first game designed for the app could be a key to keeping kids brushing. Dubbed ‘Mouth Monsters’, players must brush bacteria out of a candy land set inside player’s mouths. To win the game users must brush in the zones bacteria appears using an even pace.

The game isn’t only a great way to keep young kids focused on tooth brushing, parents will be able to draw teenagers in with a guitar hero-style game too. Players select a tune and play the songs by brushing in time to the music and following the videos directions to brush particular areas of their mouths.


The group are even trying to reel in adult users by offering a customisable news feed option that reads you the day’s news, weather and headlines while you brush. But for parents the best part is that they can check in on their kids brushing and even bring the details in to their dentists. G.U.M’s sensors mine users’ brushing movements for details on how well they are actually brushing and can give instruction on the correct way to improve a person’s brushing.

Believe it or not, G.U.M. isn’t the only interactive brushing tool on the market. Interactive toothbrush Kolibree launched last year also offering app connectivity. However, unlike Kolibree, G.U.M is clips to any toothbrush for around the $45-mark in comparison to the more expensive Kolibree that needs to be purchased as separate electric toothbrush.

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