Anthos, Italy’s leading dental equipment manufacturer, expands its sterilisation solutions


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Anthos in Australia, the exclusive Australian Anthos agents, is pleased to announce the expansion of sterilisation solutions to their portfolio.

Sterilisation safety and peace of mind 

Anthos’ proven performance offers two levels of sterilisers—the tried and tested A Range and the advanced capabilities of the A PLUS range. In addition, there are three versions in each range: 17L, 22L and 28L. All in all, there are six sterilisers from which to select.

A PLUS range: A-17 PLUS, A-22 PLUS and A-28 PLUS. 


A range: A-17, A-22 and A-28.

New A PLUS line

Anthos A PLUS line provides a solution that maximises flexibility and reliability over time, streamlining everyday procedures via user-friendly controls that are smoothly integrated on the colour LCD touchscreen.

Anthos employs self-developed technology and a unique understanding of the sector to ensure sterilisation workflows are both faster and simpler.

Easy-to-understand icons

The control menu features easy-to-understand icons and data. Both cycle selection and settings are extremely user-friendly.


Data traceability

Cycle-relative data is saved on the autoclave’s internal memory. 

To increase overall safety and ensure constant compliance with the standards in force, the operator can, at any time, obtain data on completed cycles by entering a personal code.

Files can be saved on a PC via a USB storage device, ethernet link, or optional Wi-Fi connection. 

The Wi-Fi option allows real-time data transmission to a portable digital device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) letting the operator keep close track of process progression.

Cycle and test programming

A programming and delayed start system allows the operator to start each cycle when desired. This function is extremely useful as it allows test cycles to be performed at night, offering both convenience and energy savings.

Quality of materials

An electro-polished stainless-steel sterilisation chamber and hard-wearing components, such as the Class H solenoid valves, ensure both reliability and outstanding durability.

A convenient LED bar illuminates the chamber when the hatch is opened.

Outstanding accessibility

Easily sanitised, the capacious fill/empty tanks open on the upper side of the autoclave.

Please consult Anthos in Australia on 1300 881 617 or email to find out more about the new Anthos sterilisation range.


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