Anthos dental units—integrated with Myray HD intra-oral camera and sensors–better together


dental unitThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Anthos.

The modern dental unit is a hub for effective patient communication. Anthos dental units, together with sister company Myray, provide the dental profession with leading integrated solutions which are sophisticated, yet highly practical ‘ready to go’ solutions boosting the dentist’s diagnostic capabilities and in turn the patients’ understanding and acceptance of treatment.

Myray CU2 HD camera

The Myray CU2 camera is a key to this, offering a touch-sensitive area for image freeze function. This obtains excellent vibration-free images because the command is transmitted with the fingertip.


Additionally, you have a pedal control freeze function via the Anthos footswitch. Featuring automatic brightness adjustment and focus free, the Myray CU2 camera offers the latest HD resolution capability.

Another feature is its flexibility. The same one-camera handpiece can be integrated into an Anthos dental unit and then be removed to operate as a stand-alone for additional surgeries if required.

dental unitAnthos ZEN-X HD sensors

The recently updated Myray ZEN-X HD direct capture sensors are excellent as a stand-alone direct USB connection.

Alternatively, they perfectly complement the Anthos/Myray integrated technology solution. Here, the electronics and sensor are housed directly within the dentist’s module. The sensor is always comfortably within arm’s reach, thus speeding up the acquisition process.

Anthos Integration via the sophisticated Full Touch dentist control enables flexibility of saving images on Full Touch internal storage memory (up to 8gb), or directly on PC via the touch of a conveniently placed button.

Flexibility is also offered to save images on USB keys via the Anthos Full Touch USB port. You can still communicate effectively in live mode, or freeze mode via inbuilt patient record memory independent of a PC and software.

dental unitSimilarly, camera images can be stored in the Anthos/Myray IRYS imaging software, or directly into numerous third-party softwares.

Visualise freeze-frames even on the Full Touch and on the monitor

Images are displayed on Full Touch and on the Anthos dental unit monitor simultaneously.

You can change some parameters (brightness, orientation) and by the “pinch to zoom” image enlargement feature which is similar to a tablet/smartphone operation.

Multiple images can also be selected and be scrolled through by the dentist directly on their Anthos Dentist Element Full Touch Screen . They can then see their selected display on the monitor at the same time to highlight details to the patient. The ability to perform this direct management without PC makes the Anthos Myray system unique. For more information, please refer to the Tutorial tab of the Anthos website. 

For an interactive display of the integrated Anthos Myray intra-camera communication, please contact Anthos Australia on 1300 881 617 or email to arrange your showroom appointment.


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