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Limitless solutions, ergonomic choices

Dentistry is a worldwide profession carried out by clinicians of varying sizes, experiences and personal preferences.

This is very much the case in Australia with dental professionals of backgrounds and experiences from all corners of the globe, bringing their own unique ergonomic demands.

It is therefore no surprise that no one design of dental units has been able to claim to have found the magic formula of perfect ergonomics for all operators. Travel through a major international dental exhibition and you will find numerous variations of a dental unit. It’s easy to understand how a prospective purchaser can be confused about the ergonomic benefits of each offering. The multiple choices on offer seem to tell us the magic formula for ergonomics is choice and selection criteria based on the individual situation.

Following are a few key drivers that ensure ANTHOS continues to focus on preserving choice for professionals to select the unit best suited to their ergonomic needs.


Anthos retains its razor-sharp focus on providing dental units to the profession with LIMITLESS SOLUTIONS. Scroll through the product range and you will see one of the most comprehensive dental-unit portfolios in the world. Its three product categories: Classe A, Classe R & Classe L are differentiated by ergonomic solutions. They offer numerous variations of patient chairs, dentist and assistant delivery systems, lights, and cuspidors, whilst not losing sight of their synchronisation with each other in delivering outstanding ergonomic benefits for their users.


Since 1932 Anthos has manufactured dental units for the profession. Over that 85 years, there is much learning Anthos has accumulated on ergonomic theory and its application in real world practice.


Anthos (together with its parent company Cefla Medical Solutions) is one of the world’s largest dental unit manufacturers continually aiming to be the global equipment dentistry partner of choice.

This global outlook overcomes the narrow design approaches which can be a limitation of some brands. This may present itself where a manufacturer’s design team focuses too closely on meeting the ergonomic demands of a dominant demographic limited to a particular country or region. Similarly it may also hold on too tightly to a historic design philosophy to attract a past installation base limiting its flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the profession globally.


Consolidation of dental equipment manufacturers has taken place in recent years. One danger can be a shift of focus from core businesses such as dental unit manufacturing, and consolidation of product variations offered to the market. Anthos as the top selling brand of Cefla, sees dental units remain the core product platform enjoying continual investment in innovation and refinement to meet the profession’s evolving ergonomic needs. Anthos retains a single Italian manufacturing/design base for its full portfolio, not seeing the need for economic product portfolio filling solutions from a design environment not aligned to its main manufacturing/design base.

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